Evolve II-4K HDMI v2.0b Multi-Channel DAC Demo Deal

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Upgrade Your Legacy 1080p AVR to 4K UHD With the Evolve II-4K HDMI 7.1 Channel DAC!

The Essence Evolve II-4K is a HDMI v2.0b Multi-Channel Hi Res Audio DAC designed to extract the native LPCM multi-channel 24/192K audio from HDMI v2.0b sources such as 4K Blu-ray players, Apple TV4K and other 4K streamers, and 4K video games.  It extracts the original LPCM hi res audio digital soundtrack and converts it to analog multi-channel audio for playback on your multi-channel audio system.  4K video is passed through to your 4K TV.

Both the HDMI v2.0b input and output support 4K video resolutions up to 4096×2160@50/60Hz (YUV444), and is capable of converting the native uncompressed high resolution audio at 24/192K to analog to feed an AVR, PrePro, or active speakers.  It passes through HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision to your 4K TV.

It supports decoding of the 24/192K high resolution PCM or LPCM 7.1 Channel Soundtrack, delivering stunning 4K video to your TV and award winning converted analog audio to your audio system.

We are honored that the Evolve II-4K is listed in the Stereophile Recommended Components List since 2020.

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If you’re planning to adopt the latest 4K sources such as the Apple TV4K or a 4K Blu-ray player, they will not work with your legacy AVR with HDMI v1.3 or v1.4 AVR. The Evolve II-4K solves the problem by adding a single v2.0b HDMI input for your v2.0b source with pass through of the video to your TV and conversion of the hi res multi-channel soundtrack to analog so you can route it to the analog inputs on your existing AVR, PrePro, or active speakers.  

  • HDMI v2.0b (with 6G audio/video support), HDCP 2.2 and DVI compliant

    “The Evolve II-4K is that rarity in high-end audio: a bargain-priced niche product. In this case, the niche is the one reserved for D/A processors capable of extracting and decoding the high-quality audio embedded in an HDMI video stream, while sending the video content direct to the user’s display. KR put the little Evolve II-4K to work in a couple of settings and was “stunned that it sounded so good,” adding that, although the Essence DAC didn’t sound quite as good as his exaSound e38, “it was not shamed.”

  • THD + N = .0001% at -115 dB s/n ratio
  • De-embeds DSD over PCM (DoP on SACD) and LPCM (Blu-ray) audio and outputting to a multi-channel analog or stereo digital output
  • Supports analog multi-channel and Optical S/PDIF audio outputs
  • Supports HDMI audio sampling rates up to 192kHz
  • Supports Optical (S/PDIF) audio sampling rate up to 192kHz
  • HDMI signal supports High Bit Rate (HBR) audio
  • Supports HDTV resolutions up to 4K2K: 3840×2160@24/25/30Hz, 3840×2160@50/60Hz (YUV444) & 4096×2160@24/25/30Hz, 4096×2160@50/60Hz (YUV444)
  • HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision pass through
  • Warranty 1 Year from Date of Purchase
Inputs 1x HDMI v2.0 [1x Uncompressed AV and Data]
1x USB Mini B [1x SERVICE Propriety Data]
Outputs 1x HDMI v2.0 [1x Uncompressed AV and Data]
1x Toslink [1x 2 Channel LPCM / DTS / Dolby Digital]
8x RCA [1x Analogue Audio 7.1 ]
PSU: 5V/2.6A
Dimensions 8.4″ (213mm)  W x 4/6″ (116mm) D x 1.2″ (30mm) H
Net Weight 1.5 lbs (658g)


EDID Commander Software


Virtual Com Port Drver

We offer a software program called EDID Commander that allows for a higher degree of customization of video and audio features than the default settings pre-loaded into the Evolve II-4K.  You’ll need a Win 10 computer and a USB cable to use it and first you have to install the Virtual Com Port Driver.  Follow the instructions on page 6 of the owner’s manual for installation and you’ll be able to optimize the Evolve II-4K for your TV and audio system.

The Evolve II-4K firmware is up to date with v2.16 for use with 4K TVs, sources, and projectors. If you have a 1080p TV or projector, you’ll want to use the previous firmware version v2.15.  Send me an email request for either one while we transition away from using an ftp site to a more automated method of delivery.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 4.6 × 8.4 × 1.2 in


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