Blu-ray & 4K Blu-ray Live Concert Tracks

I’m a big fan of Blu-ray concerts because they bring me closer to the artists I love, at their craft and sounding better than any other source available today.  The sound of a Blu-ray is native LPCM 24/96K Hi Res Audio, a one to one copy of the original master recording.  The only way to bring this quality into your system is with HDMI connectivity, that’s why I manufacture HDMI DACs; to unlock the best soundtracks in audio history on Blu-ray and SACD.

The Essence HDACC II-4K is a high performance 2-channel HDMI DAC / Preamp / Headphone Amp with remote control plus 4 HDMI v2.0b inputs, one HDMI v2.0b output for 4K sources and 4K TVs, enabling you to see and hear your favorite artists up close, creating an emotional intimacy that cant be matched at a live show unless you’re in the first 10 rows.  Or by listening alone without the video.  Sources like Apple TV4K AV Streamer and 4K Blu-ray player are extremely affordable now, the HDACC II-4K passes the video through to your 4K TV and converts the digital soundtrack to analog that can be played on your audio system regardless of age.  Vintage stereo receivers and legacy 1080p AVRs that still work fine but lack the latest HDMI throughput can reach the latest standards with the HDACC II-4K.       


The new live Blu-ray concert by Joe Bonamassa is called Tales of Time, performed at Red Rocks in August of 2022.  The first track is “Notches”, it captures the rock and blues energy of the entire show, demonstrating why Joe is the best guitarist right now.  He channels Clapton, Beck, Page, plus he adds he own unique signature.


Pink Floyd Delicate Sound of Thunder Live from the Nassau Coliseum NY 1987, restored from the original 35mm film up to 4K Blu-ray video and remastered from the original master tapes.  Playing “Sorrow” at the zenith of their career as a band 34 years ago.  This is why they remain so sacred to so many fans.

Bryan Ferry Band “Avalon” from Live in Lyon on Blu-ray filmed in a 2000 year old Roman Amphitheater in Lyon, France.  Notable performance by Oliver Thompson on lead guitar.  The band has 2 drummers, back-up singers, a clean tight performance with great percussion.  This is signature Bryan Ferry / Roxy Music.


Led Zeppelin Celebration Day Live at 02 Arena in 2007 playing “Ramble On”, one of their early signature favorites.  They reunited for one show to honor their producer Ahmet Ertegun.  they still had it, they were for one last night and forever, the hammer of the gods.


Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Jeff Lynne, Billy Preston, Tom Petty, and more from the Tribute Show Concert For George after he passed away, released in 2001, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” was one of his signature hits and combines the best musicians to create the best tribute band of all time.


Adele’s “Someone Like You” and “Rollin In The Deep” recorded for Live at Royal Albert Hall released in 2012 is why this is the best selling Blu-ray concert in history.  Rarely does an artist connect so emotionally with her audience.  Her eyes, close up, convey an emotional intimacy you cant get even at the live show.  She’s a big star now, but its nice we have this at the start of her career.


SADE’s Bing Me Home Concert in 2011 features “No Ordinary Love”.  This show is a tour de force of staging, lighting, choreography and her fabulous band.  Its like a Broadway show, highly polished and evocative.


Hall & Oates Live at The Troubadour in LA, “Getaway Car” showcases this band in a small nightclub with mostly acoustic instruments and Darryl Hall’s perfect pitch.  They may not be together now but we have this show forever.


INXS Live at Wembley Stadium 1991 in 4K playing “Suicide Blonde” and “New Sensation” in front of 75K adoring fans. The original 35mm film version was restored up to 4K and the soundtrack remastered up to hi res audio standards.  They were the #1 band in the world at the time of this show 33 years ago, at their zenith.


Peter Gabriel’s Secret World Tour in 1994 was in the round and featured Paula Cole and a cast of many great musicians from around the world.  “Dont Give Up” is one of those songs that rally the spirit, Paula Cole captures it.


Simon & Garfunkel in their last show together for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert at Madison Square Garden in 2009.  They sing “Sounds of Silence”, “The Boxer”, and “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”.  Their legacy is right here forever.  There are some 5 second commercials, just skip them to hear all 3 songs.


The Rolling Stones Havana Moon show was free and attended by 500K Cubans .  The scale of the sound and video is immense and stunningly clean and professional, they knew they were going to make a Blu-ray from this show and played like they meant it.  I don’t remember seeing Jagger being this good in recent years, his harmonica work on this track will take you back to when they were young.  He is in the moment with Keith near the end of the song.