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Welcome to the Just Ask Bob page, a free advice service for owners of Vintage or High-End analog preamps and receivers who want to upgrade to the latest digital media but lack the connectivity to do so.  

HDMI is two-way communication process required for Apple TV4K and other AV streamers, TVs, SACD, Blu-ray, and 4K Blu-ray because the content is copyright protected. These formats are able to deliver a one-to-one copy of the original master recording and picture quality equal to what we see at a movie theater.  Its the holy grail of high fidelity, true to the original.

The Studios and Record Labels didn’t much care if we copied their content in the days of vinyl albums, cassettes, and VHS tapes.  However as we entered the 2000’s, a new era of digital media evolved that was equal to the best versions of the content in their vaults.  With piracy (copyright infringement)  already costing them $3 billion a year in lost sales they implemented a security protocol called HDMI with HDCP that lets us see and hear it but not copy it.  It protects the content creators too. 

All analog systems that still work great simply lack this HDMI (USB, Optical, & Coaxial too) connectivity so I invented a little black box to fix that called the HDACC II-4K. If you have any questions about how all this works, I’m the guy to ask.  I introduced HDMI to the American market in 2005 and specialize in implementing it in Vintage and high end analog components.

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