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Amphion Argon1 Bookshelf Speakers / pr.

$ 1,920.00

Affordable Reference 

Argon1 bookshelf speakers are often praised for their reference-quality mid-band resolution, and surprisingly low-reaching bass response. These moderately-sized speakers produce an enjoyable, uncolored, natural sound that draws you deeper into your favorite recordings, and allows you to discover music nuances you never thought existed.

Argon1 loudspeakers fill your home with pure sound in any listening situation, be it critical or background listening. As with all Amphions, these loudspeakers are highly adaptable to any interior design, offering a multitude of color grille options. 

This brand is special order, custom built.*

3 Cabinet Finishes and 9 Grille Color Options, exclusively by Amphion, Made in Finland, Shipped by Air Door To Door

Cabinet Finish Options

Custom Grille Colors

Wave Guide Color Option



Unique Acoustic Design

The Beauty of Simplicity

For 25 years we have pushed the acoustic design in order to keep our products simple electrically. Simple signal path and seamless driver integration lead to maximum resolution and transparency and allow easy placement and ensured performance in any setting and room.


Seamless Integration

Waveguides offer multiple advantages as they improve driver integration and speaker performance in a room. Amphions proprietary 5th generation U/D/D (Uniformly Directive Diffusion) waveguide offers an elegant solution to common speaker building problems…..Read More

Superb sound in any space, Argon is your first step on the road to a truly rewarding audio experience. Whether you’re listening to music, using streaming services, or watching a movie with family or friends, the clear, natural sound quality brings it all to life. Regardless of where a Argon speaker is placed in the room, its controlled dispersion delivers pleasing, neutral audio, even at low levels. 


Every Amphion model delivers:


“This wide dispersion sound is a function of both the drive units and the narrowness of the front baffle relative to the width of the tweeter horn. These unique properties are rarely found in combination, and certainly not throughout an entire range, suggesting Amphion really knows what it’s doing.”    

Video Reviews by Tarun,  A British Audiophile and Terry Ellis from Pursuit Perfect Systems.


  • Operating principle: Two-way, vented
  • Drivers: 1″ titanium tweeter; 5.25” aluminum alloy woofer
  • Crossover point: 1600 Hz
  • Impedance: 8 Ω 
  • Sensitivity: 86 dB
  • Frequency response: 45 – 25.000 Hz -6dB
  • Power recommendation:25 – 150 Watts
  • Measurements: 12.5″ H x 6.3″ W x 10.4″ D  (316 x 160 x 265 mm)
  • Weight:  15.4 lbs ea. (35 lbs shipping weight per pair); 7 Kg ea.
  • Handmade in Finland 
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Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 23.8 × 15.6 × 15.5 in

7 reviews for Amphion Argon1 Bookshelf Speakers / pr.

  1. Napier Lopez, TNW August 2020

    “The Argon1s are beautiful, and their hand-made design and multiple color grille options are pretty rare at this price. If I’m being honest, its looks alone are enough to make me interested, but luckily the speakers sounded excellent to my ears too, with some of the best spatial presentation I’ve heard from a compact pair of passive speakers.

    For a $1,920 pair of well-built, stylish compact passive speakers, the Argon1s are well-worth your consideration.” Napier Lopez, TNW August 2020

  2. Ed Selley, Hi Fi Choice Recommended Oct 2020

    Connecting the Argonl to the NAD M32 integrated amp and M50.2 streamer that form part of this month’s Beautiful System, the Amphion Argon1 does a good job of delivering on the promise of being unaffected by its surroundings. the cabinet is impressively decoupled from the space it is in.

    It’s a cliché to talk about clean Scandinavian design, but predictable trope or not, the Argon1 is both from this part of the world and unquestionably elegant. This is a remarkably entertaining little speaker. Its ability to drop into even fairly confined spaces and show off its strengths of speed, clarity and musical
    joy in any environment is sure to win it many friends! Ed Selley, Hi Fi Choice Recommended Oct 2020

  3. Sathyan Sundaram, SoundStage! Nov 2020

    The Amphion Argon1’s delivered impressive resolution, seamless blending of their drivers’ outputs, and alacrity in dynamics and limning soundstages. Another strong point was their tonal neutrality, especially in the midrange; $1920 for a pair of Argon1s is reasonable for their powers of resolution and imaging precision alone, especially when their statement-making aesthetic design and attention to build quality are taken into account. Based on those sonic and physical attributes, the Amphion Argon1 is well worth an audition.” Sathyan Sundaram, SoundStage! Nov 2020

  4. Tarun, A British Audiophile June 2021

    “It’s forgiving of partnering amplification and the room and it sounds fantastic for the money – a real bargain!”
    Tarun, A British Audiophile June 2021

  5. Terry Ellis, Pursuit Perfect System. March 2021

    “Bass was one of the big surprises for me because I was expecting them to bass light given their size, but they’re not, they’re impressive.” Terry Ellis, Pursuit Perfect System. March 2021

  6. Charles Brown, Audiophilia Feb 2018

    “I’ve got the stunning white Argons1s—very elegant, clean and unpretentious. To add further to the already heightened concept of chic, Amphion offers the speaker grill in a wide assortment of colors to complement your specific domestic space—very cool. The Argon 1s are a formidable contender and perhaps a prize fight winner in this class of bookshelf speaker presently on the market.

    Amphion, with its north star as ‘…an open window into the music’, has achieved its goal in spades. For the second time in my life, I am indebted to the Finnish people in all of their manifestation, one physical and one musical. I award the Audiophilia Star Component Award to Amphion’s Argon1 for their outstanding contribution to the audio industry. Charles Brown, Audiophilia Feb 2018

  7. Trevor Butler, EAR Magazine, Feb 2019

    “Argon1’s are extremely entertaining, provide extraordinary value-for-money, and are clearly a fantastic little speaker across many types of music and will give hours of enjoyment. In fact this is as good an implementation of metal-coned drive units as I’ve come across.

    That they are easily driven and so unfussy when it comes to placement makes the Argon 1 just adorable and something of an audio bargain. They’ve been really fun to use and brought a smile to my face on track after track. The fact that they are hand-made in Finland is the icing on a very tasty cake.” Trevor Butler, EAR Magazine, Feb 2019

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