The headline is no joke, there’s a good chance your current HDMI cables are not fast enough for 4K throughput, especially if you bought them for last generation 2K (1080p) content. Welcome to the Cliff, the point at which you’ll be forced to reconsider your HDMI cables.

The latest native 4K video content with HDR / Dolby Vision / HLG + Wide Color Gamut + Native 24/96K Hi Res Audio has 3x more data than 1080p did, demanding a 18 Gbps data transfer rate with the zero data loss and immunity to EMI. The Ultra Pro HDMI v2.0 Fiber Optic Cables by FIBBR (pronounced “fiber”) are the first to be ISF Certified for their reliability and performance in delivering the best 4K;

“The true cost of this next wave of video media innovation is bandwidth. FiBBR Tech is visually superior to anything we’ve had previously, with color-rich images and stunning clarity”. Joel Silver, Imaging Science Foundation, Aug 2017

FIBBR’s HDMI Fiber Optic Cables are self-powered for plug and play simplicity.  The display-end connector has a built in LED light to help you find the TV input in dark places, an industry first.  The lightweight cable will not pull out of your HDMI connections, fiber is lighter than copper.  For 4K you need a continuous 18 Gbps over the full cable run, not just the first 3 feet.  For custom installations, FIBBR’s exclusive BendRobust™ technology has the industry’s highest bend radius, 180º.  

It’s not expensive, a 5 ft. interconnect starts at $139.99 at Essence For Hi Res Audio.  They go up in length to 165 ft. with lots of shorter lengths to choose from that will be just right for your installation.

This is the best 4K upgrade on the market, it improves the picture quality, color depth and uniformity, clarity and detail, edge definition, and contrast. It does not take a test pattern or calibration to be seen immediately, instant gratification for all 4K fans, gamers too.

Nothing beats the speed of light, the same content over copper travels at just 1/100th as fast.


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