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amphion® Krypton3X Flagship Speakers / pr.

$ 23,999.00

Dream Worth Pursuing   

Krypton3X is the amphion® reference project 25 years in the making. This highly innovative 3-way reference loudspeaker allows you to enjoy full range, realistic orchestral performances without owning a concert hall. Our unique flagship houses innovative technologies, which ensure the highest level of performance, even in less than optimal listening environments. 

This is a Special Order product, Custom Built*

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   Mighty midrange

The combined cone area of tweeter and two 8” midrange units is 950cm² – up to 7x more than in competing products. When needed, substantial amounts of air can be moved with ease, while preserving the nuances.

   Cardioid design

The highly innovative cardioid midrange minimizes unwanted reflections from both side and back walls (up to 20 dB), and allows Krypton’s to perform exceptionally well even in small rooms or close to large windows.

Hidden 10″ bass

To achieve true full range sound, Krypton’s elegant and timeless cabinet design incorporates a 10” side firing woofer. Rigid aluminum cone and a long excursion ensure a powerful and controlled bass in all environments.


 “This wide dispersion sound is a function of both the drive units and the narrowness of the front baffle relative to the width of the tweeter horn. These unique properties are rarely found in combination, and certainly not throughout an entire range, suggesting amphion® really knows what it’s doing.”    

Localization Magic   



The top-down polar plot shows the sound wave distribution of the Krypton 3X, note how directional they are to the listener. This minimizes the reflections off the side walls that cause interference with the arrival of coherent sound waves at your listening position, disrupting the on-axis frequency response and precise stereo imaging.


Operating principle:                Three-way, vented

Drivers:                                     1″ titanium tweeter
                                                   2 x 8″ papyrus midrange   
                                                   10″ aluminum woofer                                   

Crossover point:                      160 Hz / 1600 Hz
Impedance:                               4 Ω
Sensitivity:                               89 dB
Frequency response:              21 – 55.000 Hz -3dB
Power recommendation:        100 – 300 W
Measurements:                        54″ H x 13″ W x 19″ D (1370 x 330 x 480 mm)
Weight:                                     70 kg / 154 lbs each
Handmade in Finland

3 reviews for amphion® Krypton3X Flagship Speakers / pr.

  1. Doug Schneider, Editor and Publisher of SoundStage! Global, March 2024

    “The system these speakers were part of—an Esoteric N-05XD streamer feeding digital music to an Esoteric F-02 integrated amplifier, with Esprit cables connecting everything—sounded better than any other I heard during my three days at the Florida Audio Expo. It certainly produced the best playback of Bruce Cockburn’s “Pacing the Cage,” from his album The Charity of Night, that I’ve ever heard. I sat there slack-jawed as Cockburn materialized uncannily before me, his acoustic guitar and voice planted solidly on the soundstage with stunning realism.

    Hyvönen played several other tracks he likes to use to showcase his speakers. I didn’t know these recordings enough to be able to tell whether the playback was as good as it could be, but they sounded fantastic. As I was about to leave, he approached me and remarked that he had never seen me linger in a listening room so long—I typically dart in and out, trying to visit as many exhibits as I can. This was different. I was so taken with the sound of the Krypton3X system, I just couldn’t bring myself to leave.”
    Doug Schneider, Editor and Publisher of SoundStage! Global, March 2024

  2. Dieter Pfeil Lite Magazine Germany 2024

    “The Amphion Krypton3X offer a unique musical experience. While listening, I was constantly floating in a wonderful cloud of sound. On my musical journey, I discovered many facets in pieces that had previously escaped me. The warm and deep tuning is exactly to my taste –while the skillful arrangement of the drivers brings order to the variety of instruments.

    Everything has its place and all the fine details are teased out of the material. Especially at normal listening volume, the Amphion Krypton3X deliver a sound that usually takes more power to achieve. For me, these are the ideal speakers for everyday music enjoyment. Unfortunately, they now have to move on and inspire others – so my cold coffee and I are left wistfully behind. Dieter Pfeil Lite Magazine Germany 2024

  3. Martin Hakiel, Germany September 2023

    “The Berlin music scene is so great that I used to go out often to listen to live music. A side effect of the Amphion’s is now I find myself staying in more because I do not need to go out. If I’m not attending a concert at the Berlin Philharmonic, with its world-renowned acoustics, I can almost be sure I’ll have a better listening experience at home.” Martin Hakiel, Germany, Sept 2023

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