Acoustic Energy Corinium Speaker System / pr.

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Ground Breaking Design

Born from our desire to establish new standards in sound, design and value.                                                                   

By tearing up our previous rule book and starting with a blank sheet of paper, we’ve examined each area of music reproduction over the past three years

Exquisite in Sound & Design

All our groundbreaking new developments in drivers and crossovers are housed in a beautifully curved and exquisitely finished cabinet enclosure

This is a Special Order product, custom built.*   

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Building on the success of our carbon fiber dome on the 500 series, we identified the need to use an even lighter dome for the Corinium to maximize the transient response of the system. So, we searched for a material lighter than carbon fiber and subsequently sourced a new soft dome material. This newly developed tweeter design has now proven to lower coloration, increase delicate high-speed transients and reproduce the very finest detail and refinement.

Mid and Bass Drivers

At the heart of the Corinium is the midrange drive unit. Covering 5 octaves it’s the key element which produces most of the sound from the loudspeaker system. The new carbon fiber cone and surround helps provide specific tonal qualities we were targeting for this speaker… offering the most natural sound and realistic musical performance. The extra width of the Corinium cabinet allowed us to house a slightly larger bass driver. We went back to basics to develop a brand-new bass alignment that combines weight, speed and slam to produce a natural, realistic sound from what’s still a fairly compact loudspeaker system. In conjunction, we developed a brand new 165mm bass driver to produce a big, powerful, controlled and natural bass sound. 


Optimized for best transient performance, our 3-way crossover blends the power output of each transducer to provide a rich, tonally balanced sound. High quality components are used throughout including air core inductors, metalized polypropylene film capacitors and metal oxide resistors. The crossover is connected to the drive units using audiophile grade internal wiring which features a patented arrangement of conductors to give the best possible musical detail and dynamic expression.


All these ground-breaking new drive unit and crossover developments are housed in a beautifully curved, exquisitely finished inert enclosure. The hybrid ‘Resonance Suppression Composite’ (RSC) cabinets have a minimum thickness of 22mm and vary up to 50mm for optimal performance. The 4° tilt improves the time alignment of sound to listener, whilst the 6mm ultra rigid aluminum front baffle firmly houses the drivers and isolates any cabinet resonances from the listening environment. 

Technical Specifications

Mid-Range Driver | 4.7″ Carbon Fiber cone
Bass Drivers | 2 x 5.5″ Carbon Fiber cones
Tweeter | 1.14″ Soft dome
Design | 3-way reflex loaded with curved RSC cabinet and aluminum baffle
Frequency Range | 32Hz – 30kHz (- 6dB) / 38Hz – 25kHz (-3dB)
Sensitivity | 92dB/m/2.83v
Power Handling | 200w
Crossover Frequency | 260Hz / 3400Hz
Impedance | 4 ohms
Dimensions | 43.3 (incl spikes) x 9.25″ x 15.1″ (HxWxD)
Weight | 88 lb. / 40kg (per speaker)


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Weight 88 lbs
Dimensions 15.1 × 9.25 × 43.3 in