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SAE MK One Preamp

$ 16,000.00

SAE Presents the MK One – An Ultra High Performance Pre-Amp to Match our Amazing 2HP-D Power Amp. 

The development of the MK One has at its foundation the understanding that the preamplifier can be the most critical component in a two-channel reference system. To achieve new higher levels of sonic performance, special attention was paid to reducing noise wherever possible. From this quiet background, we focused on the gain structure, offering an astonishing -130dB Signal-Noise ratio. The utter blackness of the background is stunning.

“The SAE Mk One Preamplifier is by far the best solid-state preamp I have ever auditioned.”

In addition to a new standard in performance, ease of operation is a crucial requirement of our design team. Operating the MK One is both straightforward and simple. What is not immediately noticeable are some of the advanced features that allow for seamless integration of balanced and single-ended inputs, outputs, and subwoofer controls. We have also integrated a phase and phase-invert function on both the front panel and the remote control.

This is the best preamp we’ve ever produced and also the quietest on the market, no other preamp we know of can match its SNR.

This product is a special order, custom-built.*


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SAE’s engineers developed the new MK One to deliver a remarkable gain of 19 dB Balanced output and 13 dB Single-ended output and a separate gain controlled Subwoofer output. Simply put, the uniquely impressive SAE MK One Pre-Amp and a 2HP-D amplifier combination will “Rock” your house like nothing else you’ve ever experienced!

In the 2016 October edition of Stereophile, Michael Fremer wrote “the SAE 2HP-D amplifier is one of the three best amplifiers I’ve ever heard, and the best for Rock and Roll!”

Following their perfected pairing of the new MK One with the 2HP-D in 2020, our SAE engineers say  “You should Hear and Feel us now”!

The MK One’s Signal-to-Noise ratio is an astonishing -130dB, truly allowing audiophiles and music lovers to hear the space between the notes.  Hi Res Audio with 120 dB dynamic range jumps out of the utter blackness, the listening experience is exhilarating.

The MK One has 4 single ended inputs and 4 fully balanced inputs to accommodate all of your high-resolution sources.  The chassis is 3U tall and a perfect aesthetic match to other SAE components.  Our ergonomically designed remote is easy to use and pleasing to hold.

In an effort to maintain that legacy sound from the late 60’s and early 70’s when Morris Kessler was the pilot of SAE, we designed the 2020 version of the MK One with the input, guidance, and the blessing of the original designer, Morris Kessler. Designed and Manufactured in the USA with a 5 year warranty.




Frequency Response:  @1V Output+/- 0.05dB 20Hz -20kHz
                                      @17.5V Output+/- 0.05dB, 20Hz -20kHz

Distortion (Main):       @1V Output <0.008% 20Hz -20kHz
                                   @17.5V Output <0.09%

Distortion (Subwoofer): Output (Unity Gain) 20Hz -1 kHz <0.09%

Gain:  Single-Ended (RCA) 13dB
           Balanced (XLR) 19dB

S/N Ratio:    @1V Output, 20Hz-20kHz >120dB
                     @1V Output, 20Hz -20kHz >130dB, “A” Weighted
                     @17.5V Output (Maximum), 20Hz -20kHz >118dB
                     @17.5V Output (Maximum), 20Hz -20kHz >130dB, “A” Weighted

IMD:             @1V Output 20 Hz – 20kHz 1:1 <0.009%
                     @17.5V Output (Maximum) 20 Hz – 20kHz 1:1 <0.09%

Crosstalk L-R, R-L:      @1V Output, 20Hz -20kHz >112dB
                                     @17.5V Output (Maximum), 20Hz -20kHz >124dB

Dimensions:   19″ W x 5-5/8″ H x 15-1/4″ D  Rack Mountable

Weight:  22.4 lbs: 28.1 lbs Shipping

Power Requirements: 120v AC – 60Hz 3A  or  240v AC – 60Hz 1.5A

Power Consumption: Less than 1W at Standby; 35 Watts Max


(4) XLR -Fully Balanced Stereo Left/Right Inputs
(4) RCA-Single-Ended Stereo Left/Right Inputs
(1) IEC-C13 Power Cable Input


(1) XLR -Fully Balanced Stereo Left/Right Full-Range Outputs
(1) RCA-Single-Ended Stereo Left/Right Full-Range Outputs
(1) XLR -Fully Balanced Subwoofer Output with independent gain adjustment
(1) RCA-Single-Ended Subwoofer Output with independent gain adjustment
(1) 12V DC Trigger Control



1 review for SAE MK One Preamp

  1. Robert H. Levi, Positive Feedback Magazine, Sept 2023

    “The SAE Mk One Preamplifier is by far the best solid-state preamp I have ever auditioned. Its complete lack of definable character and lightning speed brings the SAE to the top of the heap. Plus, the SAE’s greater than 130dBs measured level of quieting brings out musical images and soundstaging to achieve a new audiophile benchmark. The SAE completely gets out of the way of the music and operates with less of a footprint than PASSIVE.

    Bearing no resemblance to the SAE of old, this is all new thinking, and cutting edge at that. Congratulations to the SAE design team and bravo for actually listening to this preamp as it was created. Though expensive to many, it will be a clear bargain to those looking for the very best.

    The SAE Mk One Preamplifier receives my very highest recommendation for being the closest yet to the proverbial wire with gain.” Robert H. Levi, Positive Feedback Magazine, Sept 2023

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