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Acoustic Energy AE300 Stand-Mount / Bookshelf Speaker / pr.

$ 990.00





The new 300 Series features multiple upgrades over the entry-level 100 Series, all designed to improve both audio performance and aesthetics, befitting of its more premium status. Bespoke new drive units have been designed in tandem to offer seamless tonal integration in addition to low distortion and high power handling benefits.

The 28mm aluminium dome tweeter also features our WDT Wide Dispersion Technology™ and a re-designed 130mm aluminium mid-bass driver uses a ceramic aluminium sandwich cone and long throw motor system. The seamless cabinet enclosures boast an inert 18mm high density MDF material with proprietary internal bracing technology to reduce cabinet colouration. They’re finished in attractive real open grain walnut wood veneer, piano grade high gloss black or white lacquer options.

The result is a premium-finished package which offers a refined, accurate and above all, enjoyable musical experience. Embodying all the qualities Acoustic Energy are famous for… and designed for the love of music.

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Add the AE308 Powered Sub or Reference Speaker Stands


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500 Watt AE 308 Powered Sub

Add a pair of Reference Stands



Tracing its lineage back to the original AE1, the AE300 uses the latest generation of our 5.2″ (130mm) mid-bass drive unit. Featuring a brand new ceramic aluminium sandwich cone with an ultra-shallow profile and ultra-high force, long throw motor system, this new driver boasts improved dispersion, extended bass slam and improved overall power handling over the last generation, able to handle the hi res audio dynamic range found in today’s best content.

A new 1.1″ (28mm) aluminium dome tweeter has been developed for the 300 Series which offers high power handling and a low fundamental resonance to reduce distortion. However, the main benefit to this new design is the excellent dispersion characteristics thanks to our Wide Dispersion Technology waveguides. The waveguides shape the acoustic output of the tweeter to match the woofer and provide a wider sweet-spot in your listening environment.

The inert .71″ (18mm) thick high density MDF cabinet utilizes proprietary bracing technology derived from the award-winning Reference Series, to eliminate cabinet colouration and allow the new transducers to breath freely within the listening environment. The slot shaped duct port on the rear of the speaker augments the bass output and has been carefully developed to reduce the effect of air turbulence with a clean undistorted bass performance.

The result is an audio product with clean, uncluttered lines delivering a thrilling and powerful presentation discerning Acoustic Energy owners have come to expect for over 30 years.

Finished in a choice of Piano gloss black, white or satin finished walnut veneer finishes, the AE300 will easily integrate within any home décor placed on speaker stands or bookshelves.

See the Acoustic Energy Full Product Overview Brochure here.

Technical Specifications
Bandwidth: 45Hz -30kHz
Sensitivity: 86dB
Peak SBL: 112dB
Power Handling: 100w
Crossover frequency: 2.8kHz
Impedance: 6ohms
Design: 2 way
Dimensions: 11.8″ (300mm) x 6.9″ (175 mm) x 10.25″ (260mm) HxWxD
Weight: 14.5 lbs (6.5 kg.each 
Finishes: Piano Gloss Black, Piano Gloss White and real Walnut veneer

The AE308 is an all-new subwoofer from Acoustic Energy.

Designed to complement and integrate seamlessly with the other models in the 300 Series, the AE308 offers prodigious performance in both Hi-Fi and AV implementations; making use of a new 500 Watt (RMS) amplifier mated to a 12” high-excursion doped and stiffened pulp-fibre driver, the AE308 also features DSP modes to tailor performance perfectly to desired usage, a first for AE.

In Music mode the AE308 will perform in a balanced, accurate manner, extending low frequencies of the main speakers naturally and seamlessly down to 26Hz (+/-6dB).  In Movie mode there will be additional “slam” on offer to aid explosive movie soundtracks in AV systems. Finally Impact mode trades outright extension for maximum volume and serious impact, more akin to a club set-up for when you really want to party hard!

The AE308 is available in attractive real American walnut veneer, piano gloss black or white  to match the other 300 Series models and has sturdy carpet-piercing spikes which come with convenient rubber caps for use on hard flooring.

12″ High-excursion doped and stiffened paper cone
26Hz-120Hz +/- 6dB
40-120Hz rotary control
Sealed box, downward facing driver
Low level stereo RCA, high level stereo binding posts, LFE RCA
0-180 degree rotary control
Class D Amp
360 x 360 360mm (HxWxD)
Piano Gloss White, Piano Gloss Black, and Real Walnut veneer  

Additional information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 13 in

4 reviews for Acoustic Energy AE300 Stand-Mount / Bookshelf Speaker / pr.

  1. Michel van Meersbergen, Dutch AV magazine, July 2018

    “The AE300 is a very nice compact speaker that sounds bigger than the format makes you think. At times even with a kick that you would expect from floor-standers and that’s quite an achievement.” Michel van Meersbergen, Dutch AV magazine, July 2018

  2. David Susilo, Publisher David Susilo Uncensored, Nov 2019

    “At US$990 a pair MSRP, the price is not cheap; however, the price versus performance ratio makes them an amazing value. AE300s are not merely great, they are not entry-level audiophile; they are true audiophile speakers with the merely mid-end pricing. I’m glad I won these speakers as I would have purchased them anyway. Perhaps it’s time for me to upgrade my entire speaker system in my dedicated theater/listening room to Acoustic Energy.”

    David Susilo, Publisher of David Susilo Uncensored, Nov 2019

  3. Michel van Meersbergen, Dutch AV magazine, July 2018

    “The AE300 is a very nice compact speaker that sounds bigger than the format makes you think. At times even with a kick that you would expect with floor-standers and that’s quite an achievement.” Michel van Meersbergen, Dutch AV magazine, July 2018

  4. AV Test Poland, July 2018

    “The AE300 is really competent in every single field. In this price category, there are a lot of speakers that pretend to be the best, but realistically, everyone has some disadvantages. It would seem, that this applies to all columns but flawless in the AE300 it’s really difficult to find out.”

    “It’s one of those loudspeakers during listening sessions an involuntary smile appears on the face. The AE300 are very balanced, almost neutral, gently only insulated, but without tendency to over-adjust the edge. Sound live and very consistent, also providing highly satisfying spatial impressions. Are competent in a wide range of musical styles, which also determines their class.” AV Test, Poland July 2018

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