FIBBR HDMI Fiber Optic Cables Win IMPACT 2018 Award at CES

In the closing days of 2017, I reached out to Jim McGall, the sales director at Wolf Cinema to offer him a set of FIBBR Ultra Pro HDMI Fiber  Optic Cables for use in his exhibit at the Venetian Hotel CES venue. It was so last minute I kept my expectations low, most show demos are set weeks earlier and last minute changes are rare. Jim surprised me the next day saying yes, without having ever seen them for himself but relying on Joel Silver’s ISF Certification, AVSForum’s Best of CEDIA award, and positive press reports.. That same day I sent him a set of cables for his sources and stunning 4K projectors.

Wolf Cinema demo’d their reference edition Theater Extreme home theater projection series – the TXF-5000. Boasting an all new, 0.69 inch three-chip native 4K (4096 x 2160) D-ILA® technology core, and illuminated by a 20,000-hour life Blu-Escent™ laser diode/phosphor light source, the TXF-5000 is clearly one of the penultimate home theater imaging solutions yet available.

Needless to say, I was not there in person to see it but I heard from a friend that noted AV journalist John Sciacca (Sound & Vision & Residential Systems) stopped in and saw the demo for himself and that Jim generously credited FIBBR’s HDMI Fiber Optic Cables for its role in the excellent image quality they achieved in the demo system. In the days ahead, I’m sure I’ll be seeing some write ups about the demo and will share them as they are published. I want to thank Jim for allowing us to share his demo space, his kindness to us will not be forgotten.

FIBBR’s product manager Joe Zhang had a kiosk in the HDMI Forum exhibit area, he was there to answer questions and explain why FIBBR’s HDMI Fiber Optic Cables are superior to any other fiber or copper HDMI cables on the market today.  Dealerscope Magazine  annually awards manufacturers they think will make the biggest technology impact in the coming year and Joe was there to proudly accept this year’s award in the HDMI cable category, a great honor for this young brand.

FIBBR (pronounced “fiber”) makes a complete line of HDMI v2.0b Fiber Optic Cables for native 4K throughput.  Prices start at $139.99 for the 1.5m (5 ft.) version and custom lengths up to 50m (165 ft) are available. They feature self-powered plug and play simplicity, zero attenuation for the brightest picture, color depth that outperforms all copper HDMI cables regardless of length, and are immune to EMI, electromagnetic interference from stray wireless transmissions in our homes today. The result is native 4K picture quality that most people can perceive immediately even at short cable distances. FIBBR HDMI Fiber Optic cables also feature the industry’s lowest bend radius,180 degrees.

Essence For Hi Res Audio distributes FIBBR in the North American market, interested parties should contact Bob Rapoport at [email protected] or by phone at 727-580-4393 for information on how to purchase.

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