Native 24/96K Hi Res Concerts & Catalog Classics on Blu-ray

Blu-ray is the “tangible” physical media with native hi res audio (24/96K) and high definition video content.  The encrypted & uncompressed audio content is bit-for-bit identical to the original master recording, with the live performance by the artists in native 1080p HD. It outperforms all previous formats in terms of delivering a listening experience at home that’s un-rivaled in the history of home entertainment.  You wont find the Blu-ray Hi Res Audio soundtracks available for downloading or streaming, they’re protected by encryption against piracy. Older catalog classics are also available on Blu-ray now without video.  

Blu-ray discs cant be copied or downloaded from the internet because this highest level of resolution is protected with the HDCP protocol, requiring a two-way handshake between the player and the downstream preamp or DAC that confirms an authentic, secured connection. That only happens if the disc is in the drawer of a Blu-ray player, not from a download, connected by HDMI v1.3 or higher. Once that connection is authenticated, you’ll hear the highest fidelity in history at home with the full bandwidth and dynamic range of the original master recording for the first time ever.

Concerts on Blu-ray (tip of the iceberg)


AIX Records Blu-ray Audio


NAXOS Blu-ray Spectacular


Universal Music Group Pure Audio Blu-ray Classics


Sono Luminus Pure Blu-ray



2L Pure Audio Blu-ray