SAE 8300 8 Channel Amplifier

$ 19,500.00

The SAE 8300 8-channel amplifier was designed to set new standards in virtually every performance category. Each channel uses a dual-differential balanced design with a 4-quadrant input stage to nudge the edge of the art in such categories as signal-to-noise ratio, slew rate and ultra-low distortion.

This product is a special order, custom-built.*

Other significant advances in the amplifier include:

  • Dual design with separate and independent power transformers, power switches and line cords for each channel bank;
  • 300 Watts Per Channel RMS @ 8 Ohms; 450 Watts Per Channel @ 4 Ohms:
  • High temperature (Class F rated) toroidal transformers;
  • Dual temperature sensors and low-speed cooling fan to maintain proper operating temperatures.
  • Four layer circuit boards used throughout; each with separate power and ground planes;
  • Current feedback for improved amplifier control and virtually unlimited slew rate;
  • Double transistor input stage;
  • Dual-DC Servos virtually eliminate any DC offset;
  • ThermalTrak© output devices optimize bias in real-time;
  • All protection circuitry is optically coupled and outside the circuit path. It is self-resetting;  
  • Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in the USA



50 years ago SAE’s first component, the MK 2 stereo amplifier, rearranged the amplifier world’s power structure. Per Stereophile, a pair of MIKII’s had sweeter highs and dramatically improved bass when compared directly with the audio industry’s then acknowledged “best”. Our latest flagship, the dual-mono 2HP-D, repeats the exercise challenging all-comers for the title of world’s best amplifier.

Our 8300 shares philosophy, goals and topology with the 2HP continuing SAE’s diligent effort to achieve perfect musical reproduction. Power output is 300 Watts RMS per channel at 8 ohms and 450 Watts RMS per channel at 4 ohms, FTC Power Rule Rated. With channels on-hand arranged in two independent banks of four, the 8300 is entirely suitable for use in exacting multi-channel home theater applications or for multi-amping any audiophile oriented stereo system.

To maximize the power output, the 8300 has two independent power supplies each with its own massive 1950VA transformer, power cord and AC switch. . And it is the first SAE amplifier automatically ready for world-wide use. On first turn-on, the amplifier ascertains the available line voltage and self configures its transformer taps. And all protection circuits are optically coupled. They never intrude on the listening experience unless they are needed.



– Immense Power Output
– Dead Quiet
– Advanced Balanced Differential Circuit Topology with Current Feedback
– Dual DC Servos
– Dual Self Configuring Power Supplies– Temperature Controlled and Fan Cooling




lnputs:  One balanced XLR jack and one Single-ended RCA per each of 8 channels
lnput lmpedance:  47 kΩ, balanced for each phase
lnput Sensitivity:  1.96 V RMS for 300W at 8Ω
Gain:  27.9 dB
Polarity:  Balanced; Pin2 = Positive, Pin 3 = Negative for non-inverting output
Speaker Outputs:  One pair gold-plated binding posts per channel
Modes/Process:  Standby: Amplifier is ready to be turned on via front-panel switch or remote trigger
Protection:  Over current, DC and / or thermal protection, Amplifier will cycle
Catastrophic DC or output stage failure, Amplifier will shut down

Per Channel with all channels driven:                               8Ω                               4Ω
2O-20kl1z <0.03o/o THD, Watts RMS                              300                              450
1 kH2,0.03% THD, Watts RMS                                         330                              495
1 kHz, 1.0 % THD, Watts RMS                                         375                              650
1 kHz, 1.0 %, THD, Horsepower                                       1/2                               0.8
CEA 2006 1 kHz Burst Power, Watts RMS                       600                             1000

THD + N, 20 Hz to 20 kHz at rated output:                   0.025%                       0.025%
THD + N, 1 kHz at rated output:                                    0.015%                         0.01%
THD + N, at 10W:                                                          0.005%                       0.015%

SMPTE or Twin-Tone:                                                     0.05%                          0.05%

Frequency Response, +0, -3 dB, 8Q:  5 Hz to 120 KHz
Damping Factor:  >400 at 100 Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio:  >120 dB referenced to rated output; “A” Weighted
Slew Rate;  >50V per µS
Crosstalk:  >90 dB
Power Requirements:  117V AC 230V AC, 50160 Hz; Self Configuring
Power Consumption:  <.5W at Standby; 1800W x 2 Maximum
Trigger lnput:  3-24V DC, Steady State

DIMEN$IONS:  19″ W x 8″ H x 20.25″ D; (483 x 222 x 515 mm)
                          Add 5/8″ (16 mm) for feet; Add 2.5″ (64 mm) for connectors 
Weight: 145 lbs; 65.9 Kg


When even more power is required, consider the SAE 2HP-D 600W RMS x 2 at 8Ω200W x 2 at 4Ω and 2Ω.

The SAE 2HP received a “CLASS A” rating and recommendation from Stereophile in their March 2017 issue.