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amphion® Argon7LS Speaker System / pr.

$ 6,999.00

Deep Emotional Impact

Argon7LS floorstanding loudspeaker performs way above its pricepoint. It utilizes technologies from Amphion’s flagship studio monitor, which helps the worlds top sound engineers create their magic for us to enjoy.

This product is Special Order, Custom Built* 

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Seamless integration

Low crossover point, seamless driver integration, easy placement and ensured performance in any room. All thanks to our 5th generation waveguide.  Waveguides offer multiple advantages as they improve driver integration and speaker performance in a room.  Amphion’s proprietary 5th generation U/D/D (Uniformly Directive Diffusion) waveguide offers an elegant solution to common speaker building problems. 

Unrivalled midrange clarity

Exceptional naturalness and purity makes listening a joy. The nuances of human voice and instruments are presented in their full glory.

Room-wide sweet spot

Thanks to even dispersion, enjoyment is not limited to a single seat. Everyone in the room can share the experience equally.

Low volume, high intensity

Easy to place and well-performing even under challenging acoustics. Clear and memorable even on lower listening volumes.

“This wide dispersion sound is a function of both the drive units and the narrowness of the front baffle relative to the width of the tweeter horn. These unique properties are rarely found in combination, and certainly not throughout an entire range, suggesting Amphion really knows what it’s doing. 



Operating principle:          Two-way, passive radiator

Drivers:                             1” titanium tweeter
                                         2x 6½” aluminum woofer

Crossover point:              1600 Hz

Impedance                       4 Ω

Sensitivity                        91 dB

Frequency response       28 – 25.000 Hz -6dB

Power recommendation: 50 – 150 W

Measurements:               45.6” H x 9.2” W x 13.5” D (1158 x 234 x 344 mm)

Weight:                           27 kg (60 lbs)

Handmade in Finland




6 reviews for amphion® Argon7LS Speaker System / pr.

  1. Lionel Payne, Hi Fi Pig April 2018

    “Amphion’s Argon7LS are rather good with that wonderful quality of being able to simply disappear and let you listen to the music. And if you love listening to tuneful and powerful bass notes then you should definitely give these a listen. The Amphion Argon 7LS are highly recommended.” Lionel Payne, Hi Fi Pig April 2018

  2. Srajan Ebaen, 6 Moons Magazine June 2018

    “The Amphion Argon7LS is perhaps best condensed as “classic two-way purity meets 13” woofer-style cone surface for mature bass power, reach and dynamics….the Argon7LS’s looks are far more conventional than its sound. It silently makes that reminder about not judging a book by its cover; or the loud audiophile version thereof – mistaking an apparently basic rectangular speaker for being a square. This Amphion is anything but. I honestly, beautifully loved it! Srajan Ebaen, 6 Moons Magazine June 2018

  3. Alek Rachwald, Audio Klan Poland, July 2018

    “The sound of these speakers is even-more striking, and above average, than their design. Finnish minimalism plus musical momentum, combining almost studio-like neutrality and fidelity to the music, with authentic listening pleasure. I could not recommend more these loudspeakers than by telling the truth – I want to have them!” Alek Rachwald, Audio Klan Poland, July 2018

  4. David Price, Stereonet Feb 2021

    “For the price, it is a hugely capable floorstander that, by virtue of its great ability, invites comparison with speakers twice as expensive. It gives a clean, enjoyable and musically insightful sound across a really wide bandwidth and can dish out high volume levels with consummate ease. Yet it’s very elegantly styled and expertly finished, with no visual gimmicks and a timeless aesthetic. My advice to those seeking this sort of speaker is not to overlook Amphion.” David Price, Stereonet Feb 2021

  5. Steve Dickinson, HiFi+ Magazine Sept 2019

    “So, in combination the sound is precise, clean and tight, with ample deep bass which underpins without overwhelming. Imaging is quite extraordinary, placement, whether singers, soloists or string sections is approaching holographic levels of precision…” Steve Dickinson, HiFi+ Magazine Sept 2019

  6. Frédéric Chaplain – Mastering engineer July 2018

    “I have never heard such low-end in a home speaker, I’m under positive shock, amazed. It’s effortless, even at low levels all sound so beautiful and full.” Frédéric Chaplain – Mastering engineer July 2018

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