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Apple Buys Beats Headphones For $3 Billion–WTF?

I was astonished by this story last month, this is the biggest deal in the history of the audio industry.  Beats Headphones is a young company, how could they be…

Essence™ Re-invents The Modern Speaker

Current magnetic speaker technology has been around for 100 years, boxes full of conventional woofers, tweeters, and crossovers.  They are all made better now but isnt everything? They’ve reached the…

Why Directional Speakers Are Better

I must confess I had no idea just how popular listening to music on headphones was, but when Apple paid $3.2 Billion for the Beats by Dre Headphone brand and…

Essence™ HDACC Gets “Top Pick” Sound & Vision Rating

It’s fair to say that among the current trends in audio and video, headphone listening and up-scaling any low resolution content to hi res 24/192K are the hottest. Sound &…

HDACC Review Part II by John Darko

Back in Feb, John Darko of wrote Part I of his review on the Essence HDACC. Now comes Part II in which he compares the various versions of Beck’s…

Essence™ Electrostatic Debuts at Montreal Show

One of the best high-end hifi shows in the world year after year is the Salon Son & Image show in Montreal. This year, Essence™ Electrostatic LLC officially launched its…

Essence™ LPCM Digital Surround Without Dolby TruHD or DTS MasterHD

How To Achieve The Ultimate LPCM Digital Surround System Without Dolby TruHD and DTS MasterHD For $249.95! If you’re a serious audiophile, its possible you missed adoption of Blu-ray HD…

DAR Reviews The Essence™ HDACC–Part I

Blu-ray audio with the Essence HDACC (Part 1 – 48kHz) John H. Darko  10.02.2014 Features wise, the Essence ‘HD Audio Control Center’ (HDACC) is a tall glass of water. Let’s dive…

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