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Essence™ Electrostatic Debuts at Montreal Show

One of the best high-end hifi shows in the world year after year is the Salon Son & Image show in Montreal. This year, Essence™ Electrostatic LLC officially launched its…

Essence™ LPCM Digital Surround Without Dolby TruHD or DTS MasterHD

How To Achieve The Ultimate LPCM Digital Surround System Without Dolby TruHD and DTS MasterHD For $249.95! If you’re a serious audiophile, its possible you missed adoption of Blu-ray HD…

DAR Reviews The Essence™ HDACC–Part I

Blu-ray audio with the Essence HDACC (Part 1 – 48kHz) John H. Darko  10.02.2014 Features wise, the Essence ‘HD Audio Control Center’ (HDACC) is a tall glass of water. Let’s dive…

How To Improve The WAF Of Your Man-Cave

Wall-Mountable Electrostatic Speakers by Essence™ WAF stands for “wife acceptance factor”, a feature most audiophiles and videophiles regardless of gender consider mandatory in their AV systems these days. Traditional big…

Essence™ Evolve© HDMI Multi-Channel DAC

How To Upgrade Your Legacy Audio System to Blu-ray 1080p video and the original, uncompressed LPCM 24/96-192K Hi-Res Multi-Channel Surround Soundtrack Without Dolby or DTS Decoding for $249.95! We’ve heard…

The Point of Diminishing Return; 4K or 2K?

They say that products evolve until they reach a point of perfection, where further improvements are a waste of time.  This is called the “point of diminishing return”.  For home…

DRM; Orwellian or Ingenious?

Today I want to talk about Digital Rights Management, better known as DRM.  Most of you have had some experience with DRM if you’ve downloaded a music file from iTunes…

Rolling Stones Live On Blu-ray

Now in their 70′s and apparently ageless, Mick and the Boys have never been better, a triumphant return from an ignoble retirement just a few years ago. This moment is…

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