How To Upgrade Your Analog System To Hi Res Audio

Listen to Morpheus, your current CD collection can be turned into a new and more rewarding listening experience.  If you want your existing audio Compact Discsystem to sound better fast without buying new versions of the music you already own, just feed it up-sampled hi res audio content converted to analog from a 24/192K DAC like the Essence HDACC. To integrate the hi res digital sources, you’ll need digital inputs like HDMI, USB, Coaxial, and Optical.  The Upsampling DAC converts these to analog stereo RCA or balanced XLR outputs as well as the Headphone Amp output.  

Start by copying  a CD on your computer at its native sample rate of 44.1K / 16 bit.  You’ll need to install the Windows driver that comes with all DACs on your computer so you control the music file output into the the HDACC via USB 2.0 where it’s upsampled to 192K / 24 bit Hi Res Audio.

Upsampling makes that CD sound richer, fuller, with more detail than you remember it having before. Its like a whole new listening experience; cleaner and able to play at higher volume without grit or distortion.  You use the USB cable from your computer into the USB port on the HDACC. Make sure its version 2.0.

high res audio formatsDownloading music files in hi res is another popular way to buy, you can download hi res audio soundtracks of from many record labels who make their content available that way, like AIX Records in LA or 2L in Norway.  There are sites like HD Tracks or Acoustic Sounds that offer select master recordings of catalog classics via download, they compare favorably to the CD upsampled through the HDACC.  Be careful here; if our HDACC can make a CD sound better, the download sites can sell you an upsampled version of the same CD, not the actual original master recording with no dynamic range compression. iTunes also sells FLAC resolution music files, the L stands for lossless and should sound better than the CD did. Not all of them do so its buyer beware, the original CD is hard to beat compared to anything other than its own original master recording

By far the largest source of Hi Res Audio is on Blu-ray, with live concerts by the worlds greatest artists and Pure Audio Discs of a growing number of classic albums going back to Marvin Gaye’s 1968 classic “Whats Going On?”. From Adele to Led Zeppelin, The Doors to the Bee Gees, U2 and the Rolling Stones, the best sound and picture available to consumers is on Blu-ray.  Blu-ray is now deployed in over 100 million homes around the world not counting the game consoles, listening and watching live concerts in hi res is not just for audiophiles, its for anybody who appreciates higher resolution sound and video at home and loves music.marvin gaye

Music is the essence of life.  We can watch a movie once and never feel the need to watch it again.  Music on the other hand effects our brains and hormones in a special way that stirs our emotions, we want to hear it again and again for that special feeling it brings us, sometimes comfort, sometimes hope, we crave it like sugar.


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