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More Hi Res Audio Content Than Anyone Imagined

Audiophiles are upgrading their systems now with better content instead of hardware tweaks, Hi Res…


Essence Digital Audio Amplifiers For Hi Res Playback

Of all the components in an audiophile system, the amplifiers draw the most electricity and…


Essence Reveals The History of Stereophonic Sound

If you want to call yourself an audiophile, it seems to me you should know…


How to Merge Your Digital Music Life With Analog Components

When it comes to how we store our music these days, there’s no doubt that…


Essence™ HDACC Gets “Top Pick” Sound & Vision Rating

It’s fair to say that among the current trends in audio and video, headphone listening…


HDACC Review Part II by John Darko

Back in Feb, John Darko of wrote Part I of his review on the…


Essence HDACC Reviewed by Sound & Vision Mag

Essence HDACC Review by SoundandVision


DAR Reviews The Essence™ HDACC–Part I

Blu-ray audio with the Essence HDACC (Part 1 – 48kHz) John H. Darko  10.02.2014 Features…


Blu-ray Reviews

Audiophiles Share Their Thoughts About Blu-ray Concerts They’ve Enjoyed  The Ultimate Mahler Cycle June 20, 2011…


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DRM; Orwellian or Ingenious?

Today I want to talk about Digital Rights Management, better known as DRM.  Most of…


Rolling Stones Live On Blu-ray

Now in their 70’s and apparently ageless, Mick and the Boys have never been better,…


HDACC / Evolve Getting Started Tips

Important: Setting up the HDACC or Evolve for use is easy, but the Blu-ray players have…


Essence™ Dynamic Range Chart 1887-2013

  What is dynamic range?  It’s the measurement in decibels between the softest and loudest…


DAC Comparison Chart

 ” Audiophiles will find the addition of HDMI transformative”……..Mark Fleischmann, Sound & Vision July 2014…


Free Spectrum Analysis

Spek – Acoustic Spectrum Analyser Spek (IPA: /spɛk/, ‘bacon’ in Dutch) helps to analyze your…


Imagine No Compression, Its Easy If You Try

Universal Music Group announced today that John Lennon’s ‘Imagine” is coming out on their Pure…


Blu-ray 24/96K Concerts & Catalog Classics; Now Over 1000 Titles by the World’s Most Popular Artists

Blu-ray is the “tangible” native hi res audio (24/96K)  media storage format for native hi res audio…


Blu-ray Pure Audio Classics Now Shipping

In 2012 I wrote a blog post for Residential Systems calling Blu-ray “The Holy Grail…


The Ultimate DAC Includes HDMI

If you own a classic analog stereo preamp or receiver, you have a problem. Without an HDMI input, you can’t play the highest…


Concerts On Blu-ray Online Store

One question that pops up again and again is where to buy music concerts on…


Use Your Balance Control To Move The Sweet Spot

In my last post about the sweet spot, I explained how critical it is for…


Online Order-Form

For customers outside the USA, please use this online order-form to place your order.  We’ll…



“To my way of thinking, the Final 1000i (New Essence 1900) “ represents a milestone…


Essence HDACC / HDACC II-4K Reviews

Award-Winning Review for Essence HDACC II-4K by   John Gatski from EAN, June 2018 “ For $599,…


The History Of Audiophile Sound

The long evolution of storage media began in 1876 with Edison’s wax cylinder, then came…


Why Electrostats Are Better

The easiest way to explain why electrostats sound better than conventional speakers can be seen in the…


About Essence

Thanks for visiting Bob Rapoport’s Essence For Hi Res Audio website. We manufacture and sell…

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