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One question that pops up again and again is where to buy music concerts on Blu-ray. Forget the retail stores, if they sell Blu-ray, they don’t have enough shelf space to show them all. To chris botti livereally show all that’s available, an online store dedicated to selling concerts on DVD and Blu-ray was born.

It’s called Concerts on DVD, the owner is Wayne DiSilvestro. He’s doing a great job of bringing all the music on Blu-ray and DVD to the marketplace, a one-stop shop of nothing but concerts.  Oldies like Roy Orbison’s Black and White (1987), the tribute show Concert For George (2001), and Queen Live in Montreal (1984) are remastered to 1080p HD video and DTS MasterHD in multi-channel surround, bit for bit identical the original studio recording.  Finally, we get to hear the dynamic range of the live event at home, the holy grail of high fidelity.

For the first time ever, music lovers with big screen HDTV’s and great audio systems have found out they would rather watch the Blu-ray than go to a live show. Don’t get me started about ticket prices for both live concerts and sporting events at Cheapo Ticketing, they are no longer affordable for most of us. Thanks to Blu-ray, all of us can enjoy these concerts over and over again.

Led Zeppelin Reunion ConcertWhether it’s old shows or more recent, like Led Zeppelin’s Celebration Day, a one-night only reunion show in 2007 in tribute to their producer Ahmet Ertegun, this concert is historic. The sheer virtuosity of the band makes it EPIC, a must have Blu-ray for all Led Zep fans. Only18,000 people got to see the live show. Without the Blu-ray, millions of fans would have missed it. 

Music is the essence of life, unlike movies, we can listen over and over again and never get tired of our favorite songs. Seeing and hearing the greatest artists in the world on Blu-ray at home is a joy, the best thing to happen to the music industry ever. The baby boomers grew up in a time when songs were relevant and mattered, seeing their favorite bands now on Blu-ray is fast becoming the next big thing. 

Making them easier to buy is Wayne’s thing.  I recommend him highly, he loves what he does and has them all, thousands of concerts in glorious HD.

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