The Pursuit of the Holy Grail

That’s what this site is about. As an audiophile for over 40 years, I wrote the #1 ranked blog on Residential Systems in 2012, called The Holy Grail of High Fidelity. In the article I point out that the latest improvement in software is the Blu-ray disc, combining both audio and video together on a 50 Gigabyte disc without compression for the first time in history.

The bit-for-bit identical copy of the original studio master soundtracks have all the dynamic range of the original live performance, 120 dB, with full frequency bandwidth.  A Blu-raynew digital throughput called HDMI was developed to handle the speed and bandwidth of the data coming off the disc because RCA connections were too slow and lacked the encryption possibilities of a pure digital transfer protocol.  Naturally, if the studios were going to sell us a one-to-one copy of the studio master recording, they had to find a way to prevent piracy or end up shooting themselves in the foot.

Intel created a two-way “digital handshake” security process called HDCP, you will experience it when you put a Blu-ray disc on and hit play.  There is a 30 second period of authentication between the source and the playback system, to assure a secure connection before it starts.  Most people think their player is broken, Digital Handshakethey had not expected that level of security.  Get used to it if you want to hear the best content, it’s worth the hassle.

If the holy grail of high fidelity is the ability to be true to the original performance in a playback system, I can say with certainty that the software is now as good as it can get or has ever been. The rest is up to the hardware. Most of the hardware chain is electronic and measurable. The speakers are analog, the last link in the chain, and where the biggest room for improvements are found.

Essence Electrostatic Speaker systems are faster, better able to convert the digital signal to sound than the heavy magnet-driven electro-dynamic drivers.  Essence delivers the audio content more faithfully than ever before.

This website explains how conventional designs hit the wall years ago and why electrostatic speakers alone make the most sense in a high resolution, uncompressed world.  Welcome. canlı bahis

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