How to Merge Your Digital Music Life With Analog Components

When it comes to how we store our music these days, there’s no doubt that nothing beats digital for convenience. Thats why we call it your digital life.

Your favorite songs are on your Smartphone, Tablet, PC, Tablet Kontrolor other digital player, mostly at MP3 low resolution to save space, but always with you.  MP3 is fine for headphones but it distorts when played loud on a stereo system. Thats what compression does, it squashes the dynamic range (life) out of your music so it takes up less space. 

To restore the dynamic range, you need a “digital hub”, a device that can “up-sample” your low res music to 24 bit/192K Hi-Res so you can crank it up at home when you want to rock. The sound quality is stunning, the best fidelity in audio history. Thats why Neil Young is behind it with his own Pono Hi Res Music service. Once you hear it, you’ll understand.

Essence HDACC hi res HDMI copyEssence™ makes the coolest digital hub on the planet, it’s called the HDACC, short for High Definition Audio Control Center.

It combines a 24/192K Up-sampling DAC (digital to analog converter) featuring selectable sample rate conversion with the world’s most powerful headphone 1headphone amp with selectable impedance matching so your headphones play at their best. Nobody else has that.

It has 4 digital inputs; HDMI so you can hear the copyright protected Blu-ray Concerts and Pure Audio discs plus SACDs at the highest native data and bit rate, 24/192K. This content doesn’t need up-sampling, its already hi-res, next is USB for PC, Tablet, Smartphone, or any Internet music source, and Optical or Coaxial for older generation digital devices with lower data rates, like CD.  

The HDACC has 2 analog inputs for older sources like vinyl records and cassette tapes, you can digitize and up-sample those too, breathing new life into music you cherish.

HDACC rear

The outputs are either the RCA stereo jacks or the balanced XLR connections. On the front panel, the 1/4″ pro headphone jack is the 3rd output.  

The HDACC is the modern nerve center for all your music, you use it at home or the office to chose which source to play and set the level with a remote volume control. When connected to any stereo system on the Aux RCA inputs, no matter how old, your digital and analog life will be merged and under your management, not the DRM police.

Audio formats on Blu-rayUpgrade the sound of your system by feeding it better content, up-sample any lower res MP3 to Hi-Res 24/192K.  You can listen to Blu-ray Concert soundtracks and SACD discs via the copyright protected HDMI input or ripped CDs from your computer via USB, or any downloaded songs from iTunes on your portables, the HDACC makes everything sound its best and you can turn it up to play loud and clean, with no distortion from compression, the music is restored to its full dynamic range.

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