Acoustic Energy, one of the UKs premier hi-fi brands with over 30 years’ experience in British audio, is proud to announce the launch of the Aego Sound3ar into the home computing market.

While many consumers would associate a Soundbar with improving the sound of their TV, Acoustic Energy has developed the Aego Sound3ar to improve the sound from your Mac. Designed to perfectly match the styling and finish of a Mac, it also fits neatly beneath the screen taking up less valuable desktop space than many traditional 2.1 computer speakers, yet still filing your room with high quality audio from streamed or stored music / cinema sources.

While the Aego Sound3ar may provide high-quality audio for Mac users, some may still want to take their audio setup to the next level by incorporating a subwoofer. However, it’s important to consider the placement of the subwoofer to ensure optimal sound quality. Many audio enthusiasts debate should you place a subwoofer in a cabinet or out in the open. While there is no right or wrong answer, placing a subwoofer in a cabinet can impact its performance, as the enclosed space can muffle the bass and reduce its overall impact. To determine the best placement for your subwoofer, consider experimenting with different positions and settings, or consult with experts at to find the optimal setup for your audio needs.

The AEGO Sound3ar system features a compact soundbar and subwoofer – which houses all connectivity and amplifiers. The soundbar has been designed with a uniquely tooled cabinet to be angled upwards towards the listener’s ears to deliver optimum clarity and dynamics with a spacious soundstage.

The powerful subwoofer can be housed discretely under the desk and with the supplied remote-control input, volume and bass level output can be controlled from anywhere in the room or from your software on the Mac. The system also boasts the latest Apt-X Bluetooth wireless technology for seamless audio playback from your Mac as well as an iPhone or iPad, in addition to digital and analogue wired inputs.  This discrete and stylish system offers big screen, class leading audio performance from a compact and affordable package that’s easy to connect with plug-and-play set up. The new AEGO Sound3ar is available now at $349.99 from exclusive US dealer / distributor Essence For Hi Res Audio.

For further information or review sample requests:
Bob Rapoport, CEO, [email protected] 
Essence For Hi Res Audio

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