Symmetrical vs Asymmetrical Speaker Output

sceptre s6 v3The ideal speaker has symmetrical output, delivering coherent full range sound waves to the listening position with little to no interference. Tannoy was the first to achieve this idea in 1947 with their dual coencentric designs, KEF followed in the 1970’s with their Uni-Q designs, now Presonus Sceptre’s do the same thing in a clever new design in the 21st century.
On the left, a conventional asymmetrical design that disrupts the stereo image and frequency response. On the right, the Sceptre’s symmetrical design for coherent sound waves that produce astonishing stereo imaging and clarity. Each Sceptre CoActual speaker packs 180 Watts of Class D power, read more here:…/sceptre-s8-coactual-…/