Essence Spring 2019 Sweepstakes Entry Form

Spring is officially here, it’s time to renew and refresh your AV system to 4K picture and native 24/96K hi res multi-channel soundtracks. Enter to Win the Essence Evolve II-4K HDMI v2.0 Multi-Channel DAC, a $299 value.  It decodes PCM 2.0, 5.1, and 7.1 channel soundtracks from Dolby True HD and DTS Master HD soundtracks on Blu-ray.

Owners of older AVRs and PrePros with HDMI v1.3/4, as well as those with all analog legacy systems, can use the Evolve II-4K DAC to upgrade to the latest HDMI v2.0 sourced content.  You can use it with your Apple TV 4K, Amazon Fire Stick 4K, Chromecast 4K, Roku 4K, PS4, Xbox One, Blu-ray 4K players, or any HDMI v2.0 source.  It can also handle older HDMI 1.3 sources.

This contest is open to everyone on Planet Earth, with nothing to buy to enter.  One entry per household please.

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