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Acoustic Energy AE1 Active / pr.

$ 1,390.00

Presenting the Acoustic Energy AE1 Active. The Legend Continues.

The changing roles of hifi equipment mean that audio systems themselves are changing shape. The increasing number of products with integrated pre-amplifiers mean that many customers are searching for an equally convenient speaker to connect them to. Taking full advantage of Acoustic Energy’s considerable experience in the field of active speakers, the AE1 Active is designed to deliver this convenience without trading performance.

“It’s difficult to think of an amplifier/passive speakers combo that could better these Acoustic Energy active speakers at the price”

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The AE1 Active is a two way standmount speaker with integrated class A/B amplification and fully active filter networks. Featuring Acoustic Energy’s legendary pure piston ceramic aluminium cone technology, the AE1 Active has all the refinement and impact you would expect from the original AE1 housed within a self powered, fully active package. The speakers also feature Acoustic Energy’s proprietary aluminium dome tweeter with our unique WDT waveguide for improved coverage and room integration.

The AE1 Active is equally comfortable in the home or the recording studio. With the added benefit of adjustable bass and treble and a choice of RCA or balanced XLR connections, this speaker blends seamlessly into any listening environment.

The AE1 Active differs from preceding AE1 models due to it being an active design but what does this actually mean? An active speaker is a design where the amplification that provides the power for the drivers is placed after the crossover – the device that determines what frequencies
are sent to what driver. By doing this, only the frequencies relevant to that particular drive unit are amplified by an amplifier that has been configured exactly for that task. The result is a speaker that solves the balancing act of amplifier, crossover and driver at the design stage without any trial and error on the part of the owner and offers higher performance than a passive speaker of the same basic size and design.

The AE1 Active combines the amplifier and drivers into a single enclosure which has further benefits in terms of space efficiency and packaging. The drivers have received no less attention. The AE1 Active includes an all new Wide Dispersion Technology (WDT) tweeter. This incorporates a wave-guide into the tweeter surround that ensures that the tweeter interacts more effectively with the room it is in. Higher frequency coverage is wider than it would otherwise be without the waveguide while lower frequencies are narrowed at the same time. This is called constant directivity and is something Acoustic Energy has been working on over the course of many years. The result is that more of these frequencies reach the listener’s ear directly rather than reflected off other surfaces which increases efficiency and reduces distortion.

The mid bass driver is no less sophisticated and builds on the vast experience that Acoustic Energy has with metal drivers to create a driver that has extraordinary impact but not at the expense of the transient speed and tonal accuracy required of a truly high performance loudspeaker. The bass response of the AE1 Active is enhanced by the latest version of the slotted bass port used on a number of our speakers. The slotted profile allows for a large surface area that does not take up too much space on the speaker and also reduces the audibility of the air passing through it.

See the Acoustic Energy Full Product Review Brochure here.


AE1 Active Owners Manual Link


Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 12 in


● 2×50 watt Linear supply Class A/B amplifiers per speaker
● Active 4th order minimum phase crossover
● Fully analogue architecture
● Adjustable volume control on each speaker
● Proprietary Acoustic Energy aluminium dome tweeter optimised for wide bandwidth and low distortion
● Wide Dispersion Technology (WDT) waveguide for enhanced room integration
● +/- 2dB treble adjustment and +/- 2dB bass cut for precise system integration
Inputs: RCA and balanced XLR input connections
Mains voltage: Switchable 110/240V
Frequency response: 40Hz-25kHz +/-6dB
Safety certification: CE EN55013/20
Dimensions: 12″ (300mm) H x 7″ (185mm) W x 10″ (250mm) D; 35 lbs/pr
Finishes: Piano Black, Piano White and High Gloss Walnut real veneer finish.

6 reviews for Acoustic Energy AE1 Active / pr.

  1. Martin Collums, Hi Fi Critic UK, July 2017

    “It is capable, musical, entertaining and clearly great value…..a Best Buy rating is clearly appropriate”. Martin Collums, Hi Fi Critic UK, July 2017

  2. J Loh,, Oct 2017

    “Tonally refined, coherent and musical; excellent transparency; superb imaging and soundstaging. Sound: 9.5/10
    Value: 10/10” J Loh,, Oct 2017

  3. Brian Lorde, UK audiophile consumer, Oct 2017

    “An excellent product! Bought complete with the Reference stands. Sound is amazing and speakers replaced a very highly rated passive system. Extremely good value for money!” Brian Lorde, UK audiophile consumer, Oct 2017

  4. AVForums UK, August 2017

    “the immediacy of the AE1 Active is genuinely invigorating…..score it a 9 out of 10” AVForums UK, August 2017

  5. Stereoplay Germany, May 2017

    “Unobtrusive equipped Active Speaker, that audibly does convince, actually excites! Neutral like a monitor, at the same time playful, agile and homogeneous. For this price an absolute Killer. Sound Quality? Top Class! Price/Quality? Outstanding!” Stereoplay Germany, May 2017

  6. Hi Fi Choice UK, June 2017

    The AE1 Active is persuasive. No hype or exaggeration here, just a natural sense of power, pace and perspective. Essentially, the sound is dynamic, tactile, tightly focused and creates a stereo arc that effortlessly ghosts through the walls of my larger listening room. More than that, though, is the way everything has order, solidity, a specificity of image and beautifully balanced tonality.
    Hi Fi Choice, June 2017

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