Stax SR-L300 Electrostatic Headphone

$ 430.00

The Most Famous Electrostatic Headphone in the World…The Legendary Stax SR-L300.  

The first time you hear an electrostatic headphone, you’re immediately stunned by the transparent sound quality that easily outperforms dynamic and planar magnetic competitors.  The moving diaphragm is ultra low mass, making it ultra fast, for the best transient response ever. This is a true Open Air design, no back-wave interference with the natural di-pole output, just like full range electrostatic speakers.

Recordings you thought you knew become 3 dimensional, the way sound is heard in real life. The ear cups are large and rectangular because inside there’s an oval full range electrostatic speaker.  Soft Alcantara Leather ear cups provide a soft, luxurious fit with plenty of room for large ears.  They look different because they are different from every other headphone, a classic in its own time.

The SR-L300 is the entry-level full range Stax electrostatic headphone at a price never thought possible.

  • Type: Push-Pull electrostatic oval sound element, Open-Air type enclosure
  • Frequency Response: 7 Hz – 41 KHz
  • Capacitance: 110 pF (including cable)
  • Sensitivity: 101 dB / 100V r.m.s. 1 kHz
  • Max SPL: 112 dB
  • Bias Voltage: 580V DC
  • Ear Pads: High-quality synthetic leather
  • Cable: OFC parallel 6-strand, low-capacity wide cable, 2.5m full length
  • Weight: 4 oz without cable / 15.8 oz with cable

All Stax models must be paired with a matching DC Bias Energizer / Amp to generate the electrostatic field and deliver the audio signal to the stators, choose from one of the following models. Click for full specs.

Note: Essence is the most up to date authorized Stax dealer in the USA.  Purchasing from Japan will void the warranty, buy with confidence, fast service, and free shipping in the USA From Essence, the experts in electrostatic sound.                                   

Lambda Series Upgrades

Upgrade Options, Add to Base Price of SR-L300

Select a Stax DC Bias / Energizer Amp


Top Quality Electrostatic Diaphragm & Stator Assembly

Hand selected thin-film diaphragm as well as tough stainless fixed electrodes have been used for the SR-L300. Thus, rich deep bass response, delicate high frequency and soothing mid-range has been achieved in a balanced manner.

Slider Headband

The headband (ARC) assembly of the SR-L300 is equipped with stepless slider mechanism for head pad height adjustment.

New Low Capacitance OFC Wide Cable

OFC cable has been employed for the core wires. The entire cable are then arranged in a flat, WIDE format configuration to lower the capacitance between each wires and finished with the most suitable structure to drive the earspeaker. 

New Luxurious Alcantara Leather Ear Pads :

New earpad design is carefully crafted with high quality Alcantara leather for utmost comfort during hours of music enjoyment as well as sound performance.


Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 10 in


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