Stackable Elite Power Supplies

The new PLiXiR Elite range of BAC 150 or BAC 400 Balanced Power Conditioner and BDC Linear DC power products are stackable to minimize their footprint and your cabling needs, while providing high-end power-conditioning performance for your system. Customize the series to fit your exact power requirements. Choose from a set of different voltage and current-rating AC and DC power products, up to a stack of three.

The ability to design your own stack of power products helps you optimize your system for better audio reproduction compared to singular products. And our balanced power transformers that reduce ground loop current and noise issues mean unparalleled performance.

Select from our vast array of possibilities below and order each item from its a la carte product page.  Check the Stacked Option on each order to signify your choice, we’ll do the special assembly and internal wiring between units at the factory.  All the chassis in the stackable series feature the same width and all the same height except for the BAC 400 Power Conditioner.





Stack Combinations

– Stackable BAC 150 or BAC 400 watt power conditioner and BDC Linear DC power supply save space for equipment and cabling. Only one AC power cord is required to power the whole stack. This results in better sound due to neater setup and simpler cable routing.

– Optimized system grounding with balanced AC power transformers. Eliminate ground loop currents, loop area and noise from the power supply. Reduces hum and hiss issues from the system. Increases system resolution naturally.