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PLiXiR Elite Series BAC 1500 Balanced Power Conditioner

$ 3,740.00

PLiXiR Elite Series BAC 1500 is the Balanced Power Supply of Your Dreams.

Lower the noise floor of your high-end audio / video system dramatically with the PLiXiR Elite Series BAC 1500 Balanced Power Isolation Transformer.  Conventional power conditioners use active filtration to “condition” the AC power line. The active circuits require their own voltage to do their job and may be robbing your system of dynamics and clarity.     

All PLiXiR Balanced Power products use the science of Common Mode Noise Rejection and state-of-the-art power transformers to cancel out residual noise and hum in your system with no sacrifice in voltage to active circuits, to restore the true dynamic range and bandwidth of your amplifier and other electronics with the cleanest bass you’ve ever heard. The noise floor drops and the music literally leaps out of utter blackness.  Hearing the level of clarity and resolution balanced power delivers is addictive.  Read the testimonials from satisfied consumers around the world.


  • Passive Operation, No Active Filtering or Regeneration
  • Common Mode Noise Rejection Cancels Noise and Hum
  • 1000 Watts Continuous; 1500 watts peak dynamic power
  • Common Mode Noise Rejection Lowers Noise Floor 
  • 6 Standard USA-style Receptacles
  • Power Amp Support up to 250 watts x 2 Class AB
  • Black-Anodized Sandblasted Aluminum Chassis
  • 6″ H x 11.9″ W x 11.2″ D
  • Weight: 53 lbs.
  • Free Shipping in the USA

Add the custom PLiXiR STATEMENT Balanced Power Cable

Add Cryo Treated PLUS-D Duplex Recepacles



Balanced Power Delivery by PLiXiR

In traditional non-balanced power delivery, line noise from the equipment and the mains leak to earth, polluting every chain in the system.

In PLiXiR balanced power delivery, noise from live and neutral are out of phase to each other and canceled out at the Earth point.  This will drop the noise floor of your system dramatically.  Music leaps out of your system from utter blackness.  The tone of your system is more pure, and thus more revealing and natural.

Technology and Craft

The Elite Series balanced power conditioners features the highest grade power transformer from Noratel, the inventor and premier toroidal power transformer manufacturer. Customized to our exact spec, with proprietary XQ (eXtra Quiet) technology, the Elite balanced power conditioner provides the best noise isolation, power conditioning and optimal systems grounding for your hifi system in a single package.

Optional Cryo-Treated USA Duplex Receptacle (PLUS-D)

From our design and manufacturing of PLiXiR balanced AC power conditioners, we are always looking for better components to improve aspects of the sound which we value the most; neutral tone and true transparency. This allows equipment plugged into PLiXiR BAC to perform to their true potential.

The made in Japan PLiXiR PLUS-D Hospital grade USA Duplex receptacle is one such component. With copper alloy conductors for the Live / Neutral connections, a vibration damping thermoplastic body, a thick metal plate for reinforcement and other design elements, in its native form we find that it is what we are looking for fundamentally.

We then apply certain modifications to the outlet that improves the structural integrity and grounding further. The final unit then goes thru a deep cryogenic process to relax the stress accumulated. The resulting PLUS-D is the best USA Receptacle that we have tried, in terms of absolute neutral tone, true transparency and most importantly, delivers music naturally.  These are sold as a step-up option to our standard and highly respected Japanese-made USA receptacle.

Other Features

Casing: Extra rigid aluminium vault casing – Thick precision extruded and CNC machined aluminium slabs form the casing for the PLiXiR Elite BAC 1500. The bottom plate is a hefty 8mm thick plate of aluminium that anchors the whole casing.

Vibration Control: Isolated by Bfly Audio – Bfly Audio Master Pro-Feet Series isolation footers from Germany are installed onto PLiXiR Elite BAC 1500. They isolate the Elite BAC 1500 from the ill effects of self and environmental vibration and contribute to the natural sound of the Elite BAC 1500.

Master-crafted: Built and tested by Master craftsman — Each BAC is hand-made by a master craftsman. As much as possible, all electrical connections are done by point to point direct soldering with minimal use of connectors and joints that degrades sound.

Standard USA IEC Power Cable included.


Additional information

Weight 53 lbs
Dimensions 11.3 × 6 × 11.2 in


Passive Operation, No Active Filtering or Regeneration
Common Mode Rejection Cancels Noise and Hum
1500 Watt Total Balanced Power Output
Common Mode Noise Rejection Lowers Noise Floor Dramatically
6 Standard Receptacles
Power Amp Support up to 250 watts x 2 @ 4 ohm Class AB
Black-Anodized Sandblasted Aluminum Chassis
5.6″ H x 11.2″ W x 11.6″ D
Weight: 53 lbs.
Free Shipping in the USA

6 reviews for PLiXiR Elite Series BAC 1500 Balanced Power Conditioner

  1. KT, Audiophile Consumer April 2019

    “The latest Elite design offers a stunning new level of impact and immersion for the listener. The realistic shimmer and presence of voices and instruments are both eerie and exhilarating.

    Beyond surface effects, Plixir purifies the core of the musical tone itself. Music is rooted upon a sonic foundation so pristine that harmonies ring truer to life, rhythms flow with natural ease, dynamics spring with startling vitality, and complex layers of musical texture unfold in vivid realism. Clearly, this was designed with the heart and mind of a musician.” KT, Audiophile Consumer April 2019

  2. Ed, Audiophile Consumer May 2017

    “Coming from the previous BAC 1200, the new Elite 1500 is much bigger (more than the model number difference implies) and offers significantly better build quality – this is a polished product from any angle. Its use of the new bFly-pro footers shows real commitment to delivering a reference-level product. Over the BAC 1200, the Elite 1500 gave me a cleaner background and higher transparency to the sound, and a greater sense of unrestricted dynamics. With some time in use, you forget its presence and just enjoy difference it makes. Features-wise, the indications at each power inlet is useful. Power amps should go to inlet 1, pre-amps, DACs and other equipment should go to inlets 2 and 3. Overall, the Elite 1500 is an impressive piece of kit and works as advertised, delivering clean, unrestricted power which is easily heard.” Ed, Audiophile Consumer May 2017

  3. DW, Audiophile Consumer September 2019

    “Seems like another veil has been removed. Nice wide soundstage.. even wider than it was previously.
    The clean power generated plus the delivery via your statement cables facilitates the DAC and Auralic Aries Femto to work to it’s optimum. This I believe is so important. My Kondo M7 Signature n AudioNote have huge power supplies.. but noise is now left behind leaving the Analog components free of noise and hence the darker background.

    My home power supply is so bad. Turning on lights, Aircon or appliances will cause voltage fluctuations.. this can cause my Auralic to hang or even turn my music into hissing noise in extreme situations. Only way is to reboot or plug and unplug USB cable. With the Plixir setup, all these are things of the past. This balanced topology really cleans up the power.” DW, Audiophile Consumer September 2019

  4. AudioTechnique Magazine, China May 2019

    “When the system is turned on the initial impression is quiet, VERY QUIET. The background is pitch black. Quiet as though the ambient is devoid of all substances. And the music is suspended in this emptiness, each note full, rounded and perfect. Playing Tsai chin “Love is like a song” CD, The previous concern with dynamics limitation is removed. On my favourite 4th track on the disc, the Elite BAC 1500 totally uncovered all the nuanced detail and musicality on this dynamic track. The rhythmic feel of the track is extremely strong, the vocal separation extremely good. The guitar and percussive instrument’s imaging in the soundstage very solid and life like. Tsai Chin’s voice is full and gentle, musicality and harmonics filling all the spaces in the air.

    Indeed, rather than limiting, the Elite BAC 1500 actually ENHANCES and IMPROVES on the frequency range and dynamics of the music replay. On 2014 HK AV Hifi show CD track 3, Vivaldi’s 4 seasons, the 8 violin’s speed and strength is maximised to the extreme. Under Elite BAC 1500’s control, the CD player, amplifiers and speakers moved in unison, recreating a lifelike portrait to the scenic picturesque of Vivaldi’s summer. The sound of the 8 violins blend together, yet each distinct and not muffled. Although the music is too fast to discern any “favours” to the violin sound, the violin timbre is excellent, with none of the squeaky, shouty sound that is easily rendered when violins are replayed under huge dynamic swings.

    In conclusion, what the Elite BAC 1500 can do with 1500W is simply killer. We can only look forward and imagine what its 3000W flagship brother (Elite BAC 3000) can achieve. Based on the test however, the Elite BAC 1500 will be suitable for most application and setup, with the best cost to performance ratio. Worthy of consideration.” AudioTechnique Magazine, China May 2019

  5. Headmania, Oct 2017

    With BAC 1500, I was amazed to see the energy that M10 is actually capable of. It’s like I changed my amplification. The sound was infused with lots of energy and life and the PRAT become addictive. Ok, besides the above, I also got rid of the grain in the sound and I got the transparency I always craved. Headmania, Oct 2017

  6. Stereo Magazine, Germany Aug 2019

    “Although one should only connect one piece of equipment to each separation transformer, the Plixir is excellent both in terms of sound quality and measurements. It is recommended as the top value for money item. It can be used for source components as well as pre-amps and small power amps. Stereo Magazine, Germany Aug 2019

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