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PLiXiR Elite BAC 150 Balanced Power Conditioner

$ 830.00

PLiXiR Elite BAC 150; The Most Affordable Balanced Power Conditioner for Desktop / Headphone Audio.

Lower the noise floor of your DAC, Phono Preamp, Turntable, Headphone Amp, Servers and Computers dramatically with the PLiXiR Elite BAC 150 Balanced Power Conditioner.  Conventional power conditioners use active filtration to “condition” the AC power line. The active circuits require their own voltage to do their job and may be robbing your system of dynamics and clarity.     

All PLiXiR Balanced Power products use the science of Common Mode Noise Rejection and state-of-the-art power transformers to cancel out residual noise and hum in your system with no sacrifice in voltage to active circuits, to restore the true dynamic range and bandwidth of your amplifier and other electronics with the cleanest bass you’ve ever heard. The noise floor drops and the music literally leaps out of utter blackness.  Hearing the level of clarity and resolution balanced power delivers is addictive.  Read the testimonials from satisfied consumers around the world.


  • Passive Operation, No Active Filtering or Regeneration
  • Common Mode Noise Rejection Cancels Noise and Hum
  • 100 Watts Continuous; 150 watts peak dynamic power
  • Common Mode Noise Rejection Lowers Noise Floor 
  • 2 Standard USA-style Receptacles
  • Black-Anodized Sandblasted Aluminum Chassis
  • 2.7″ H x 9″ W x 6.3″ D
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Free Shipping in the USA

Add the custom PLiXiR STATEMENT Balanced Power Cable

Add Cryo-Treated PLUS-D Duplex Recepacle

Make It Stackable



Alternative Power Conditioning for:

Desk-fi setup including a DAC, head amplifier and a pair of small sized active speakers (example ADAM’s Artist 3).

Hi-fi source equipment (Pre-Amp, DAC, Transport, CD/BD Player, media server, turntable etc).

Mac mini style media server PC/Laptop together with your audio equipment.

In traditional non-balanced power delivery, line noise from the equipment and the mains leak to earth, polluting every chain in the system.

In PLiXiR balanced power delivery, noise from live and neutral are out of phase to each other and canceled out at the Earth point.  This will drop the noise floor of your system dramatically.  Music leaps out of your system from utter blackness.  The tone of your system is more pure, and thus more revealing and natural.

Technology and Craft

The Elite Series balanced power conditioners features the highest grade power transformer from Noratel, the inventor and premier toroidal power transformer manufacturer. Customized to our exact spec, with proprietary XQ (eXtra Quiet) technology, the Elite balanced power conditioner provides the best noise isolation, power conditioning and optimal systems grounding for your hifi system in a single package.

Optional Cryo-Treated USA Duplex Receptacle (PLUS-D)

From our design and manufacturing of PLiXiR balanced AC power conditioners, we are always looking for better components to improve aspects of the sound which we value the most; neutral tone and true transparency. This allows equipment plugged into PLiXiR BAC to perform to their true potential.

The made in Japan PLiXiR PLUS-D Hospital grade USA Duplex receptacle is one such component. With copper alloy conductors for the Live / Neutral connections, a vibration damping thermoplastic body, a thick metal plate for reinforcement and other design elements, in its native form we find that it is what we are looking for fundamentally.

We then apply certain modifications to the outlet that improves the structural integrity and grounding further. The final unit then goes thru a deep cryogenic process to relax the stress accumulated. The resulting PLUS-D is the best USA Receptacle that we have tried, in terms of absolute neutral tone, true transparency and most importantly, delivers music naturally.  These are sold as a step-up option to our standard and highly respected Japanese-made USA receptacle.

Other Features

Single-winding transformer: Single-winding transformer dedicated models for 120 Vac and 230 Vac input/output, and each transformer only has a single winding for their intended application for the best performance possible

Casing: Extruded, 5mm-thick aluminium casing body. Thick metal top and bottom plates provide an ultra-rigid casing that guards against the sound-degrading effects of mechanical vibrations and protects the transformer from external damage

Master-craftedIndividually built and tested by hand by master craftsmen

Standard USA IEC Power Cable included.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 2.7 × 9 × 6.3 in


Passive Operation, No Active Filtering or Regeneration
Common Mode Rejection Cancels Noise and Hum
150 Watts Peak, 100 Watts Continous
Common Mode Noise Rejection Lowers Noise Floor Dramatically
2 Standard Receptacles
Black-Anodized Sandblasted Aluminum Chassis
2.7″ H x 9″ W x 6.3″ D
Weight: 10 lbs.
Free Shipping in the USA

5 reviews for PLiXiR Elite BAC 150 Balanced Power Conditioner

  1. James, Audiophile Consumer May 2017

    “First off, the background became blacker, if such a description is possible. As such, all the micro-details became more blissfully obvious. The background was already black before power conditioning, but with the PLiXiR Elite BAC 150 & cable changes, all the detail just presented itself more naturally and effortlessly. Because of the darker background, it was as if the sound stage had expanded. In one of my tracks, I could literally feel the percussionist hit on the timpani. I could literally hear the difference in strength each time he strikes the timpani

    Secondly, the bass became tighter and more authoritative. It must be noted that I am not saying that the bass became stronger, but it became more focused and presented itself in a way that does not detract the listener away from the rest of the instruments.

    Lastly, the attack of the notes was sharper. One of my favorite vocalist is Tracy Huang and her 花言巧语 (Hua Yan Qiao Yu) is an evergreen. In this track, I could clearly hear each finger plucking of the guitar.

    I didn’t expect how this would turn out. I had thought that I would have wasted my money with little to no change in sound quality, but I’m immensely pleased with what I hear. No matter what they anyone says, the change is noticeable to me and these will stay in my home setup.” James, Audiophile Consumer May 2017

  2. ED, Audiophile Consumer Mayu 2017

    “James helped to custom the power supply for my Thorens TD-550. I also used a Elite BAC150 for the power supply and my Rega Aria phono. On first listen, i can immediately hear more details and frequency extensions. What impresses me is how dynamic it was and while maintaining neutral sounding. Well done James!!!” ED, Audiophile Consumer Mayu 2017

  3. Reinhard, Audiophile Consumer Oct 2019

    “I had a lot of different power conditioners, also active ones like PS audio or passive ones like the LAB12 Gordian from Greece but the win in sound quality with your PLiXiR is unbeaten !” Reinhard, Audiophile Consumer Oct 2019

  4. Edmund, Audiophile Consumer, May 2017

    “…..the differences were easily discernible and not merely incremental.   For the plixir elite to have made a significant difference to what I believed was quite an optimised setup already, I was impressed and pleasantly surprised.” Edmund, Audiophile Consumer, May 2017

  5. Thomas Schmidt, LPs Magazine Products of the Year 2018

    “When we plugged the phono stage (Qualiton Phono EAR 324) into the Plixir, we were rewarded with significant success. The dynamics were much better, the soundstage was deeper, and the background darker. All in all, the performance was one class better than without the Plixir. Even in the evening, when the power supply is quieter, one notices better structure in the playback.” Thomas Schmidt, LPs Magazine Products of the Year 2018

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