AirPulse™ A300 Active Wireless Speakers / pr.

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$ 1,099.00

High-End Sound at a Revolutionary Price!

Designed for audiophiles by legendary speaker designer Phil Jones, the new Airpulse A300 is a 6.5″ two-way with custom hard-anodized aluminum woofers and 3″ Ribbon Tweeters, with plug & play simplicity, wireless streaming, hi res audio system with remote control.

For small to medium sized rooms, the A300 defines the modern audiophile with its clutter-free ease of use.  Stream your favorite music via Bluetooth and be prepared for the ultimate listening experience.  Better parts and design makes this product the best in its class.


  • Tweeter: Horn-Loaded 3” Ribbon Tweeter
  • Mid-Woofer: 6.5″ Aluminum Cone, Under-hung Voice-coil, Neo-Mag 
  • Amplifier System: Class D Digital Amplifier With Xmos Processor
  • Power Output: 80 watts per channel 
  • Frequency Range: 40Hz-40KHz
  • Signal-Noise Ratio L/R: ≥90dB (A)
  • Inputs: Analog RCA & XLR Balanced, USB, Optical, Coaxial, Bluetooth
  • USB, Optical and Coaxial Support Up to 24 bit / 192 KHz Sample Rate
  • Mains Voltage: 100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
  • Cabinet: Vented 225 x 385 x 340mm (WHD)
  • Net Weight: 24kg (53lbs)  Gross Weight: 29Kg (64lbs) 

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Audiophile Hi Res Audio Dream System by AirPulse™

The AirPulse A300 is a completely integrated audiophile-grade stereo speaker system.  Traditional high-end audio systems are usually based on “separate components”, you pay for a separate amp, preamp, DAC, plus the speakers. AirPulse ingeniously eliminates the chassis costs of the separates by integrating the electronics inside the speaker cabinet, resulting in lower costs to manufacture and a lower retail price. 

The budget for labor and materials is lower without those chassis costs but performance is not sacrificed, today’s parts are the best in history and smaller than ever before, perfect for placement inside the speaker cabinet.  For many of you, the idea of cutting the clutter and the space it takes up seems like a smart move, our living spaces are smaller now to help us live more efficient lives.  The AirPulse A300 outperforms separates- based systems that sell for thousands of dollars more. This is speaker design raised to an art form.

Introducing the 6.5″ Phil Jones Signature Woofer
The 6.5″ woofer in A300 is a hard-anodized aluminum cone with a large under-hung voice-coil, a signature Phil Jones design. It uses a neodymium magnet to provide a high magnetic flux to cover the entire voice-coil. This is rarely done by conventional manufacturers because of the sheer cost. The majority of loudspeakers use an over-hung voice-coil outside the magnetic field. By using a much larger magnetic field in the A300 woofer, we considerably reduce harmonic and inter-modulation distortion, giving the speaker a far more musical and natural sound.

The Proprietary Aluminum Alloy Cone (PAAC) was designed from painstaking analysis of all types of cone geometry and material using a Klippel Laser Doppler interferometer” A precision scientific measuring instrument that analyses cone behavior in a 3D environment. The voice-coil in A300 woofers are unconventionally larger than most 6.5″ loudspeakers. Larger voice coils have less power compression because they run at a cooler operating temperature.

Sonically, this means a more realistic dynamic representation of the music. It is the dynamics in music that gives it emotion and realism. The cooler running temperature of the voice coil also brings a benefit of reliability and extremely rare driver failure. Most loudspeakers use round copper wire in the voice coil. The A300 uses a far better single layer edge wound copper clad aluminum ribbon. Ribbon voice-coil wire gives more electrical conductor in the magnet gap and increases efficiency, power handling and lowers distortion.

For optimum performance without compromise, the 6.5″ woofer uses a hyper-rigid cast magnesium alloy frame. Its increased rigidity greatly reduces speaker coloration, and its material helps to dissipate heat efficiently from the voice coil much faster than a typical steel speaker former, all of which lead to increased dynamics and power handling and ultimately, a much more satisfying listening experience.

Proprietary Horn-Loaded 3″ Ribbon Tweeter

The horn-loaded tweeter is a true ribbon with silky, extended high frequency performance. The A300 tweeter is made with the highest quality aluminum ribbon, strong Neodymium Rare Earth magnets coupled with an appropriate transformer to give it high sensitivity, superb transient response, extended frequency range and ultra-high resolution. A wide frequency range and good transient response is vital for the dynamics of music such as the musical density of symphonic music, jazz ensembles, or pop / rock. The design is directional to minimize reflections off the walls and ceiling, improving the clarity of localization cues for that deliver the kind of precision stereo imaging audiophiles crave.

25mm MDF Cabinet with Real Cherrywood Veneer

The A300 cabinet is built from 25mm rigid MDF with cherry wood veneer finished in satin lacquer. Strong internal bracing supports and stabilizes the drivers and eliminates cabinet resonance and vibration to a minimum. To further reduce coloration, the cabinet interior is fully lined with 36mm thick waved sound absorption material.

​If you compare the materials used by the competition, you’ll find cabinets with thinner side-walls, no bracing, and little to no absorption material.  These are features that lead directly to higher performance and better sound quality with no coloration of the sound by the cabinet, its inert and silent.

     Rear Panel Controls and Inputs

The electronics package is state-of-the-art and includes ultra-efficient Class D amplification, a remote controlled digital preamp with a 24/192K DAC, multiple digital inputs including USB, Optical, Coaxial, and Bluetooth AptX 4.0 for wireless hi res audio,  plus RCA and Balanced XLR analog inputs with ADC for your older analog sources. This system is optimized for Bluetooth streaming from your smart phone from any of today’s most popular platforms.

Who We Are

Platinum Audio Systems owns AirPulse and was founded in year 2004 with investment from Edifier Technology, the largest speaker manufacturer in China. They specialize in the design and development of home audio, professional audio and music instrument amplification products. Using the most advanced state-of-the-art R&D and testing equipment, our engineering team is headed by internationally renowned audio designer Phil Jones, the original founder of the UK’s Acoustic Energy and designer of the classic AE-1 compact monitor, on everybody’s list of the top 10 speakers of all time.




Comparison Chart–Active Compact Speaker Systems
Brands AirPulse KEF Dynaudio Focal
Models A300 LS50W Xeo 2 Shape 65
Price $1099 pr. $2199.99 pr. $2199.99 pr. $1998 pr.
LF Driver 6.5″ Aluminum 5.25″ Aluminum 5.5″ Plastic 6.5″ Glass Fiber
HF Driver 3″ Horn-loaded Ribbon 1″ Aluminum Dome 1.1″ Soft Dome 1″ Aluminum Dome
Amplification 80 Watts RMS x 2 Class D 115 Watts RMS x 2 65 Watts RMS x 2 105 Watts RMS Class AB
Freq Response 40 Hz to 40 KHz ±3dB 50 Hz to 28 KHz ± 3dB 40 Hz to 24 KHz ±3dB 40 Hz to 35 KHz ±3 dB
Peak SPL 110 dB @ 1m 106 dB @ 1m N/A 109 dB @ 1m
Input Types Analog 1 XLR, 1 RCA 1 RCA Mini-jack, RCA 1 XLR, 1 RCA
Input Types Digital USB, Optical, Coaxial USB, Optical Optical None
Enclosure Type Ported Ported Ported Ported
Enclosure Material 1″ MDF Damped & Braced .25″ Plastic .2″ Plastic .7″ MDF
S/N Ratio ≥ 90 dB (A) N/A N/A ≥ 85 dB (A)
Wireless Input Bluetooth aptX 4.1 Bluetooth aptX 4.0 Bluetooth aptx 4.0 None
Digital Support Up to 24/192K Hi Res Audio Up to 24/192K Hi Res  Up to 24/96K Hi Res Up to 16/44.1K Standard Res Audio
Dimensions 8.9″ W x 15.2″ H x 13.4″ D 7.9″ W x 11.8″ H x 12.1″ D 6.8″ W x 10″ H x 6.5″ D  8.6″ W x 14″ H x 11.2″ D
Weight Per Pair 53 lbs 44.5 lbs 18 lbs 28.2 lbs
Remote Control Yes No No No
Tone Controls Bass & Treble No No Bass & Treble
All Specs sourced from each manufacture’s website

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Additional information

Weight 64 lbs
Dimensions 13.8 × 18.7 × 15.7 in

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  1. Paul Strauss

    For speakers with built-in amplification, the A300s are shockingly good, with big volume, razor-sharp clarity, studio-like imaging, and broad and smooth frequency response across the board. In other words, they’re worth every penny of their $1099.99 price tag. If you’re shopping for a standalone audio system, and have the budget, I highly recommend that you go for the A300s. Paul Strauss, Oct 2018 Technabob

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