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Acoustic Energy AEGO Sound3ar / Subwoofer Speaker System

$ 395.00

Acoustic Energy AEGO Sound3ar / Subwoofer Speaker System

Flat screen TVs have become ever thinner and more elegant in recent years and while this makes for an aesthetically appealing product, it means that the space available within the chassis for speakers has become more and more compressed. As a result, many modern TVs can’t produce the sound to match their picture.

To provide a solution to this Acoustic Energy has taken the subwoofer unit of the Aego³ and created an all new soundbar speaker array to partner it. Designed to effortlessly compliment modern flat screens and equipped for wall mounting, it is capable of providing a sound that does justice to everything from broadcast TV to the latest cinematic blockbusters. By using the separate bass and amplifier module, we have ensured that the Aego Soundbar is as elegant as the equipment you will be partnering it with, while delivering the level of performance that you would expect from an Acoustic Energy product.

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The Aego has been one of our most successful and well received products since its introduction. The latest Aego³ keeps the basic configuration of the Aego but improves the performance further and complements it with cutting edge functionality to make it even more flexible than before. All new aluminium composite satellites give superior frequency response and improved clarity. The 65w RMS Subwoofer and power unit gives the Aego³ room filling sound while an all new switch mode power supply gives it the ability to work anywhere in the world while reducing noise levels.

To take full advantage of this performance, the Aego³ is equipped with an analogue line-in, optical digital and Apt-X capable Bluetooth 4.0 inputs that ensure it is compatible with a huge range of devices. A remote control is supplied for added convenience. The result is a compact and elegant speaker system that provides an exciting and engrossing musical performance with a huge variety of partnering equipment.

Also Available as AEGO 3 Sat/Sub (2.1) System



The AEGO Sound3ar system features a compact soundbar and subwoofer – which houses all connectivity and amplifiers.  The soundbar has been designed with a uniquely tooled cabinet to be angled upwards towards the listener’s ears  to deliver optimum clarity and dynamics with a spacious soundstage.

The powerful subwoofer can be housed discretely under the desk and with the supplied remote-control input, volume and bass level output can be controlled from anywhere in the room or from your software on the Mac. The system also boasts the latest Apt-X Bluetooth wireless technology for seamless audio playback from your Mac as well as an iPhone or iPad, in addition to digital and analogue wired inputs.

This discrete and stylish system offers big screen, class leading audio performance from a compact and affordable package that’s easy to connect with plug-and-play set up.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 12.1 × 7.7 × 13.7 in


Inputs: 1 x Stereo Mini-jack, 1 x Optical (digital), 1 x Bluetooth (wireless)
Outputs: 2 x RCA Phono (speaker level)
Accessories: 2 x 3m Speaker cables (RCA), 1 x 2m Stereo Mini-jack to Mini-jack (3.5mm), 1 x 2m Optical digital lead, 1 x Remote Control, 1 x 1.8m power cord with regional mains plug
Controls: Full remote control operation
Power Ratings: 110-240V @ 50/60Hz; 65VA
Dimensions (H x W x D): Subwoofer – 13.7″ (350mm) H x 7.7″ (195mm) W x 12.1″ (307mm) D; Soundbar – 2.75″ (70mm) H x 19.7″ (500mm) W
Weight: 20 lbs / 9kg
Finish: Black textured subwoofer, Aluminium, black rubber and black grille

9 reviews for Acoustic Energy AEGO Sound3ar / Subwoofer Speaker System

  1. Matt Loparo, Consumer August 2018

    Hi Bob,

    I wanted to let you know I received the AEGO Sound3ar system and it sounds amazing!! I also wanted to thank you for the great customer service, low prices, and fast shipping. I would highly recommend your company to anyone looking for serious sound systems — please feel free to use this in any type of “testimonials” that you might post. Matt Loparo, Consumer, August 2018

  2. Deals + Reviews, Nov 2016

    “The midrange is fantastic, with a detailed sound that was able to clearly distinguish between background rainfall and foreground dialogue in our tests. If we were being really picky, we would point out that the foreground is maybe a little overrepresented (oops we just did), but this is really a minor niggle, especially in this price bracket.

    Explosions blast out from the system with sufficient enough bang to make you really take notice. AEGO Sound3ar is
    SIMPLY THE BEST SOUNDBAR SYSTEM FOR $350, beautiful design, solidly built, with excellent sound quality.” Deals + Reviews, Nov 2016

  3. Rob Sabin, Sound & Vision, March 2016

    “Superb sound quality , Compact stylish form factor. Dynamic and loud.

    The clarity and dynamics the Aego demonstrated on music were welcome companions for movie and TV viewing, and the system offered emotional engagement. Beyond this, I was pleasantly sur- prised, even blown away, by what proved to be the very serious audiophile chops this tiny soundbar brought to the table. Track after track, the Aego put forth a level of detail, dynamics, and tonal balance that raised my pulse and kept me coming back for more.

    What it delivers, it does so with an honesty and musicality uncommon among soundbars. If you expect to spend as much or more time listening to music as you will watching movies, this one will capture your heart. Among soundbars, it doesn’t get any more no-frills, nor much more musical, than Acoustic Energy’s Aego Sound3ar system. Rob Sabin, Sound & Vision, March 2016

  4. What Hi Fi, Oct 2016

    “The Aego Soundbar is a fuss-free, well thought-out product for those who want an enjoyable sound from their TV, but don’t have the space or budget to splash out for the big bars. The Aego emits a surprisingly big sound for such a small bar.

    Integration with the subwoofer is decent as well, with a pleasing solidity running through the Aego’s presentation. Pleasantly big, enjoyable sound from an affordable soundbar with a small footprint – this is a bargain, and one to watch out for”. What Hi Fi, Oct 2016

  5. Jay Garrett, Gadgety News Oct 2016

    The Aego Sound3ar looks great and performs well. The soundbar portion will not clutter up your TV area and the woofer is potent enough to give your listening a decent punch. I found the pairing of the woofer and bar does perform better when close to each other.

    This system is certainly a step-up from using the tiny speakers in your skinny tv. The aluminium soundbar also has the looks to match even the latest top-flight 4K TV. The real selling point for the Aego Sound3ar is its level of performance at a really competitive price point. Its looks and performance has nudged my previous favourite sub $350 set-up down a peg or two.

    I can safely say that this great looking compact soundbar and sub pairing offers superb value for money. Jay Garrett, Gadgety News Oct 2016

  6. Danny Phillips, Trusted Reviews Sept 2016

    “The Sound3ar defies its budget price with impressive performance. Key to its success is its ability to generate a bigger sound than its diminutive dimensions suggest. It isn’t enormous by any means, but the eager sub and dynamic soundbar bring a sense of scale and excitement that your TV can only dream of. That’s really all you can ask for at this price.

    the Aego Sound3ar is a rather talented musical performer. Its detailed presentation, engaging dynamics and well-judged tonal balance allow for long listening sessions without fatigue, while the sub lends nimble, cohesive low-frequency support. Bottom line? This compact soundbar offers superb value for money, combining an impressive sonic performance with living-room-friendly design.” Danny Phillips, Trusted Reviews Sept 2016

  7. Mark Craven Cinema Choice Dec 2016

    Acoustic Energy’s AEGO Sound3ar (so named because it’s part of the company’s third-generation Aego range) makes a great first impression. This $350 audio system has the style and charm to appear more expensive. The black grilles, aluminium trim and rounded edges on both its subwoofer and soundbar mix together well.

    “While I wasn’t expecting room-shaking, ear-searing sonics from the AEGO Soundbar system, I was hoping for something that sounded clearly better than the in-built speakers in my TVs (both a 65in Samsung and a 32in Panasonic). And, happily, that’s what I got.

    This little system has the low-end weight that modern tellies generally only dream of, and bolstered by the rumblings of the subwoofer, the speaker bar, which comes in at 250Hz, manages to craft a sound that feels bigger than its dimensions suggest. With my bedroom set, everything from breakfast news to late-night sports broadcasts suddenly sound more real, with voices gaining authority. Nor is the subwoofer a one-note wonder – the disco/funk tracks that litter the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack find it carrying the tuneful basslines and kickdrums.” Mark Craven Cinema Choice Dec 2016

  8. Steve Withers, avforums UK, Oct 2016

    “The AEGO Sound3ar might well be a budget product but there is nothing budget about its performance. The superior level of build quality and the addition of a decent subwoofer meant it could deliver a level of sound quality rarely heard at this price point.

    Acoustic Energy may have built the AEGO to hit a specific price point but they certainly haven’t compromised in terms of sound quality, with a performance that is anything but budget. The Sound3ar delivered a lovely detailed sound, with a nicely balanced tonal quality and plenty of bass. The mid-range and high frequencies are also well rendered and the sound had plenty of dynamic range, considering the size of the soundbar.” Steve Withers, avforums UK, Oct 2016

  9. Robert Jones, T3 Nov 2016

    “So the quick takeaway with the Aego Sound3ar is that it is a well-made, versatile and easy to use sound system. You can hook it up to your PC or TV and, after dropping less than $350, and feel really smug that you’ve improved your audio setup immensely.

    If you want a simple, no-nonsense solution for a living room or study however, then the Aego Sound3ar comes highly recommended.” Robert Jones, T3 Nov 2016

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