Acoustic Energy AEGO BT2 Bluetooth Speaker

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Acoustic Energy AEGO BT2 Bluetooth Streaming Speaker; Legendary Sound Quality Goes Portable!

The ultra-sleek aluminum body with black end cap grilles, silver main grille, recessed volume and input control on top, rubber bottom and solid feel combine to make hi end sound easier than ever to achieve.


Stream Spotify® & Pandora® from your smartphone to the Acoustic Energy BT2, capable of delivering a convincing, room filling stereo image with stunning clarity and resolution. It features USB phone charging and a microphone for hands free calling in the real world. This is backed up by long battery life of over 20 hours, making the BT2 a perfect partner for everyday use.


 40 watts RMS; dual 2.5″ mid/hf drivers and twin bass radiators
 Bluetooth 4.2 apt-X Low Latency
 USB phone charging
 Microphone for hands-free calling

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What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is an open communication standard that was originally developed to replace certain network cables. It has developed from there to become one of the most dynamic and flexible systems ever to be used by the audio industry. Bluetooth has developed over the last few years into a very capable method of delivering audio wirelessly and with the addition of the Apt-X encoding now has the ability to transmit lossless audio. Please note that Apt-X requires a compatible Apt-X capable partnering device.

As well as being a useful means of sending audio wirelessly, Bluetooth is a key component of being able to use devices hands free. To this end, the BT2 has been equipped with the ability to help you receive phone calls whilst your device is connected to it. We feel that the key to the enjoyment of our products is down to their accessibility and the BT2 has been designed with this in mind.

There is no reason why superb audio performance cannot be accompanied by real world convenience. To help deliver this, the BT2 uses a pair of passive bass radiators at either end of the speaker to augment the bass response instead of a more conventional bass port. This means that the BT2 is completely self contained and unaffected by proximity to walls or the surfaces it is placed on. It also means that the BT2 is capable of producing deep, clean impactful bass despite its small size.  The BT2 is fitted with an internal battery that allows you to use it away from a source of mains power. The life of the battery will depend largely on how you use the BT2, with around twenty hours used at half volume via Bluetooth to over forty hours possible when used a low levels with the aux input. The charge time from flat is two hours and thirty minutes.

Technical Specifications
Inputs: 1 x Stereo Mini-jack, 1 x Bluetooth (wireless)
Power Ratings: I/P: 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz, 1.1A. O/P: 12Vdc, 3.8A
Dimensions: 5.5″ (140mm) H x 7.8″ (200mm) W x 4″ (100mm) D
Weight: 4.4 lbs (2kg)

Finish: Aluminium, rubber, chrome and silver/black steel grilles

4 reviews for Acoustic Energy AEGO BT2 Bluetooth Speaker

  1. Hi Fi and Music Source, August 2017

    “I think the key USP with this product is its portability, the look and the battery, all of which I consider to be very high indeed. I would certainly recommend giving this product a listen, particularly if you want portable power this summer.” HiFi and Music Source, August 2017

  2. T3, UK Technology Magazine, August 2017

    “The BT2 offers an astonishing 36 hours of playback and belies its compact size with a powerful sound. It’s cohesive and well-balanced, with smooth treble and solid bass….Best Battery Life too!” T3, UK August 2017

  3. Trusted Reviews, May 2017

    “Judged in its own right the BT2 is a superb speaker for the money, and its punchy, polished sound is sure to earn it plenty of fans.”
    Trusted Reviews, May 2017

  4. Device Squad, July 2017

    “The home-grown BT2 is superbly crafted from aluminium and it’s so weighty it’s actually quite difficult to get out of the box. This is a good thing because mass equals quality and this speaker screams quality, from the clean aesthetics of its gorgeous aluminium housing to the simple rubberised four-button control panel on top.” Device Squad, July 2017

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