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Bob head shot 6Thanks for visiting Bob Rapoport’s Essence For Hi Res Audio website. We manufacture and sell Hi Res Audio products  including our own award-winning HDMI / USB DACs and Class D Amps, and we’re a dealer for Acoustic Energy UK. FIBBR Ultra Pro HDMI v2.0 Fiber Optic Cables, XPC AC Power Conditioners with Battery Back-Up, KORG DS-DAC-10R Hi Res DSD Recording DAC, and AirPulse speakers by Phil Jones. Nobody knows more about the products we sell than we do and eliminating the middle-men makes Essence and its companion products an extraordinary value.

Growing up in the 60’s in No. Hollywood, Calif, I was surrounded by the best movie theaters in the world; Graumann’s Chinese, The Pantages, The Egyptian, and The Paramount were movie theater palaces with the biggest screens and audio systems, I was spoiled at an early age, going to the movies has been a life long pleasure for me. In grammar school I was the projector monitor. In junior and senior high, I managed the AV department including running the carbon arc projector in theklh triple nines school’s auditorium and the PA system at sporting events. 

I installed all the phono cartridges and set up turntables for all my friends and their parents.  I caught the hi- fi bug early, building Dyna kits at home.  I was very fortunate to grow up around the best hi fi of the day, we had Triple KLH 9’s, 3 per channel in the early 1970’s this was the state of the art.  We listened to open reel master tapes of live classical concerts by the LA Philharmonic with 20dB more dynamic range than the vinyl album versions of those same concerts. For me, the pursuit of that dynamic range for playback became the holy grail, a one to one copy of the original master recording was always my goal.

After college, I started a long and successful sales and marketing career in the audio industry, sitting at the foot of the master, Dr. Amar Bose in my early years selling his speakers.  I’ve been at the leading edge for some of the biggest improvements over the years, introducing and selling the sae-2600_82188most important audio technology milestones in history; the first big Class AB high-end power amps of the solid state era by SAE; the Acoustech 10 full range electrostatic speakers and headphones by Arthur Janszen at Koss Electrostatic; the Heil Air Motion Transformer by ESS, the first digital surround sound add-on called the Audio Pulse Time Delay,  the first audiophile software by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab; the first DTS consumer digital surround decoder for Laserdiscs and first 5.1 channel DVD-Audio discs, and Exact Power AC Conditioners.  My design for the world’s first modular electrostatic speakers by Final in the Netherlands won Best New Speaker of the Year 2002 at Innovations 2002 TrophyCES.  In 2004 I pioneered the introduction of HDMI digital connectivity to the ProAV channel for high resolution digital audio and video in all professional applications.

I’ve been the leading advocate for the adoption of Blu-ray Music Concerts with native, uncompressed 24/96K hi res audio. To find the holy grail of high fidelity, you need the best content and the best audio components. As an “original audiophile” from the early 70’s, I have the historical context to know what high resolution audio is and how to achieve it.

In 2018, I am still leading the way with with our 2nd generation HDMI / USB DAC / Headphone amp, the HDACC II-4K with 4 x 1 HDMI v2.0a switching; our fantastic Class D digital power amp, and some very special speaker designs by Acoustic Energy UK, the world’s best HDMI cables, power conditioning and protection for AV systems by XPC, and the best headphones I’ve heard, hybrid electrostatics by Mitchell and Johnson in the UK.







  1. By: Bob Rapoport

    on: June 13, 2013 .

    Thanks for your question David. Studer Revox open reel deck with Audio Research amplification, playing master recordings of live symphony orchestras. The dynamic range was not compressed, I heard what was possible from a hi fi system via analog back in the 70’s, that’s been my benchmark ever since. All these years we waited for a storage media that didn’t sacrifice the dynamic range to fit the media, now Blu-ray is here with 50 gigs of data storage and the audio is uncompressed, bit for bit identical to the original.

  2. By: David Drake

    on: June 13, 2013 .

    I am curious. What Reel to Reel machine did you use with the triple KLH 9s, and what electronics?.

    Yours for true sound

    David Drake


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