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Essence KORG Winter 2017 Sweeps Winner Announcement

The Essence KORG Winter 2017 Sweepstakes was record-breaking with over 1700 entries, an all-time high for our quarterly sweeps.  It’s a testament to how many of you agree, the KORG DS-DAC-10R DSD DAC Recording System is cool and wanted to win it. There’s a lot of vinyl out there that needs to be digitized and archived for future generations, the KORG device is the perfect one-of-a-kind device dedicated to doing just that.

I am pleased to announce that Rob Imhoff of Milton, MA is the winner, all of us at Essence send our congratulations to Rob and to all who didnt win, our thanks for entering.  

Here’s Rob’s account of his hi – fi journey in life:
“In 1960, I was 12. Transistor radios were being introduced. Not liking the tinny sounds of the new Sony pocket radios, I auditioned a larger radio, the General Electric P-806A made in Utica, NY., with a 3” speaker and 6  transistors. The best Christmas present ever. My first LP purchase was Bobby Darin’s Greatest Hits, the one with between the tracks commentary by Bobby himself. Then in High School, my next acquisition was a Philips portable record player. I remember playing Help Me Rhonda at Cove Island beach, with a crowd of kids. Great sound! I loved rock & Roll. Listening to Murray the K on 1010 WINS was my thing. The Beatles came, and Murray was the fifth Beatle. Alternating releases from the Beatles and Stones, The Kinks, the Yardbirds, and the Zombies.

The top ten albums of 1963 were by: 1. The Beach Boys, 2. James Brown, 3. Bob Dylan, 4. Chuck Berry, 5. Buddy Holly, 6. Roy Orbison, 7. Little Stevie Wonder, 8. James Brown, 9. The Beach Boys, 10. Jackie Wilson. The top ten albums of 1964 were by a very different group: 1. The Rolling Stones, 2. The Beatles, 3. The Beach Boys, 4. The Rolling Stones, 5. The Beatles, 6. The Temptations, 7. James Brown, 8. The Kinks, 9. The Beatles, 10. The Animals, 14. Dave Clark Five, 16. The Beatles, 17. Manfred Mann. (Billboard’s Top 100 Charts)

In the late 60’s a group of my very talented friends started a band that did great covers of Moby Grape, Buffalo Springfield, The Doors, the Youngbloods, and many others. I was the roadie, and they practiced in my basement. They played regularly in Port Chester, NY at “The Stumble Inn”. They opened for the Doors in Danbury, CT. I loved it.

While in college in Providence, I went to a Tech HiFi on Angell street to upgrade my speakers, which were whatever Stereo Review, or Consumer reports were advocating at the time. The JBL L100s were flying out of the stores. Tech’s top of the line was an Ohm Acoustic’s Walsh driver speaker. Somehow I ended up in Cranston at a specialty store. They were eager to compare the JBL L100s with a speaker that I never heard of, The Dahlquist DQ 10. I was blown away by the clarity and sense of reality presented by the Dahlquists. I took out a loan, and took them home.

Forty four years later, I’m listening to John Meyer’s Newform r645 Speakers, 76” tall ribbon radiators, that fill my 24’ x 24’ listening room with life-like music. After a google search for a Pre-amp with HDMI inputs, I discovered Essence. I bought the High Definition Audio Control Center, and my CDs have never sounded better. And because of the HDMI input, I can listen to Blu-ray audio concerts in my best listening environment. I have built up a collection of over 3,000 Lps. I am eager to hear the best of them in DSD digital, after I transform them with the Korg DS-DAC-10R! THANK YOU!! Rob”

Great story Rob, I know I share a similar journey as do many of my readers. Thanks again to all who entered. 

Bob Rapoport

Award-winning sales and marketing exec, consultant and product launch specialist to manufacturers of high performance audio / video products for consumer and professional applications. Holder of 2 patents for analog matrix surround decoding, winner of 12 CES Innovations Design & Engineering awards, recognized in the Who's Who of American Inventors, and the leading advocate for adoption of the Blu-ray audio standard for music and movies; currently the CEO of Essence For Hi Res Audio manufacturing the HDACC Upsampling 24/192K DAC Preamp, DPA-440 Class D Power Amp, and online marketer in the USA for Acoustic Energy, Ceratec, Core Power Technologies, REVO, Verisonix Headphones, and ARCHT One.

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