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 ” Audiophiles will find the addition of HDMI transformative”……..Mark Fleischmann, Sound & Vision July 2014

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  1. By: Bob Rapoport

    on: July 23, 2014 .

    Hi Jacques,

    Sorry, no, the coaxial output of both the Oppo and the HDACC are protected by HDCP so nobody can copy it in digital form, we can only play it back and listen to it. This is called DRM, Digital Rights Management. Be satisfied with the analog output at the highest resolution, you can listen to that all the time, same with Blu-ray Audio too.

  2. By: Jacques Legrand

    on: July 22, 2014 .

    Hi Bob,

    I hope that I can finally see the light after a long quest.

    I have a moderately large collection of classical music on SACD.
    I’m unable to read the stereo HD layer of those disks. My Oppo 103 downgrades the signal to 88/24 via HDMI output and less than that via coaxial output.

    With your HDACC, will I be able to hear the native uncompressed LPCM 24/192K soundtracks of my SACD , protected by HDCP, outputted via a coaxial output?


  3. By: Bob Rapoport

    on: June 9, 2014 .

    Hi Teeyf51,

    Thanks for asking, the Pathos model looks like a nice product but its twice the price of the Essence HDACC and has half the features. Notably, its missing an HDMI input/output, the only way to hear the native uncompressed LPCM 24/192K soundtracks on Blu-ray. Thats a big deal because the highest fidelity content is only found on Blu-ray now, protected against piracy by HDCP.

    In addition, the HDACC OLED display shows you the native resolution of the source and gives you selectable sample rate conversion from 44.1K to 192K at 24 bit. As well, the headphone amp also provides for user selectable impedance so you can match your headphones to the amp properly for optimal performance.

    One other feature our customers love is our A to D converter for older analog sources like vinyl and tape, you can upscale all your old records to 24/192K. The analog output of your MP3 sources can also use the A to D conversion to upscale to 24/192K, a big improvement.

    I dont know about the sonics of the Pathos but I can say the HDACC sounds fantastic, everybody loves how it sounds. Hope this helps.


  4. By: Tee YF

    on: June 8, 2014 .

    I’m considering the Pathos DAC unit named Convetor. Is there any way to compare with this Essence HDACC ?

  5. By: Bob Rapoport

    on: January 13, 2014 .

    Hi John, that was our goal, a new value proposition for you to consider.


  6. By: Bob Rapoport

    on: January 13, 2014 .

    Hi Shannon, Essence Electrostats deliver the most sublime listening experience, be sure to audition them.


  7. By: Bob Rapoport

    on: January 13, 2014 .

    Hi Gary, thanks for your interest in Essence Electrostats. We are just beginning to ship this month, as we open dealers around the world, we’ll be posting a dealer locator on our site.
    In the meantime, nobody knows more about our products than we do so if you have any questions, check with me.

    Bob Rapoport

  8. By: Gary

    on: January 12, 2014 .

    I own a pair of Acoustat 1+1 electrostatic speakers. My best friend has a pair, too. I like the sound my 23 yr.old Electrocompainet amp, but always thought the overall dynamic range was limited especially in the low end. From what I read about the Essence full range speaker, they should play louder without distortion, and have better bass response. Please email me U.S. shops that carry your new speaker. Thanks

  9. By: Shannon Ware

    on: January 12, 2014 .

    Seeking audio Nirvana without breaking the bank

  10. By: john knox

    on: January 11, 2014 .

    It’s best of all possible world.


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