Temblor T8 Powered Sub Woofer

$ 399.95

The Bottom Line is Great Bass from a Studio Quality Sub
To hear what’s really going on at the bottom end of your music, you need a sub-woofer that speaks the truth. The Temblor® T8 lets you take charge of the low-frequency foundation of your music with a combination of quality components and design, plenty of inputs and outputs, and extensive user controls not normally available in this price range.


  • 8-inch, down-firing, glass-composite low-frequency transducer
  • 200 Watt RMS Power Amp
  • Front-firing, bass-reflex acoustic port
  • Input gain control (-30 dB to +6 dB, continuously variable)
  • Continuously variable lowpass filter (50 Hz to 130 Hz)
  • Built-in crossover
  • Switchable highpass filter removes frequency content below 80 Hz from the full-range signal sent from the Temblor outputs to the main monitors
  • Polarity invert

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An ideal companion to the Sceptre™ active reference monitors, the Temblor T8  sub woofer complements full-range monitors without overshadowing them, extending the reach of your full-range system’s low end with a musical and natural approach.

Powerful and musical, Temblor features high-quality components and design that enable it to deliver fast and accurate transient response, extending low frequencies without a hint of “tubbiness” or overshoot.  Designed for recording studios, the Temblor T8 is a down-firing active sub woofer with a 8-inch glass-composite driver, built-in crossover, high-temperature voice coil, and damped rubber surround. Its cabinet features a front-firing, bass-reflex acoustic port and optimized, resonance-suppressing internal bracing. The enclosure has integrated, gravity-calibrated rubber feet for stable placement.

In addition to outstanding accuracy and a frequency response that ranges from 20 Hz to 130 Hz, this combination of features enables the T8 to produce higher volume—up to 109 dB SPLpresonus temblor_t8-back_thumbnail (1)—with less power than a sealed-box design. But make no mistake, the T8 has plenty of juice: 200 watts of Class AB power. 

The Temblor’s extensive user controls include input gain (-30 dB to +6 dB, continuously variable) and a continuously variable lowpass filter (50 Hz to 130 Hz) that let you create a seamless crossover transition between your full-range studio monitors and subwoofer for a more accurate listening environment. A switchable highpass filter removes frequency content below 80 Hz from the full-range signal sent from the Temblor’s outputs to the main monitors, avoiding destructive cancellation and reinforcement in the subwoofer’s upper range. The result is a subwoofer that can be adjusted to perfectly complement not only Sceptre studio monitors but virtually any studio monitor.

T8 Ins and Outs

The T8 provides two sets of inputs: left and right, balanced ¼” TRS and unbalanced RCA main inputs. This enables it to pair well with PreSonus’ Ceres BT-series active speakers and home-stereo speakers, as well as personal-studio systems.
Similarly, the T8 offers left and right balanced ¼” TRS and unbalanced RCA pass-through outputs for connecting satellite speakers.
So if you want a system with XLR connections or want to use two subwoofers, go with the T10. If you are using your subwoofer with a home stereo or home theater system or a smaller studio system that does not require XLRs or two subwoofers, consider the T8.

Additional information

Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 12.6 x 10.2 x 11 in


2- Balanced ¼” TRS
2- Unbalanced RCA

2- Balanced ¼” TRS (full range with 80 Hz HPF option
2- Unbalanced RCA (full range with 80 Hz HPF option)


Freq Response: 30 Hz – 200 Hz
Low Pass Filter Freq: 50 – 130 Hz (variable)
Signal-to-noise: >98 dB (A weighted)
THD: 0.05%
Amplifier Power: 200W peak, 100W RMS
Power Consumption: 120W
Amp Type: Class AB
Peak SPL @ 1m: 104 dB
Woofer: 8” glass-composite, downward-firing
Acoustic Port: Front-firing round bass reflex 

Input Gain Range: -30 to +6 dB
Polarity Switch: 0° or 180°
Low Pass Filter Control: 50 Hz to 130 Hz
High Pass Filter Switch: On/Off


RF interference
Output-current limiting
Turn-on/off transient
Subsonic filter
External mains fuse

AC Power: 100-120V ~50/60 Hz or 220-240V ~50/60 Hz

Cabinet: Vinyl-laminated MDF

Width: 10.2” (260 mm)
Depth: 12.6” (320 mm)
Height: 11” (280 mm)
Weight: 21.2 lbs (9.6 kg)