Mitchell & Johnson JP1 Hybrid Electrostatic Headphone

$ 599.99

New Mitchell & Johnson Electrostatic Headphones Deliver The Highest Performance, No AC Power Required!mitchell-johnson-logo-2

Inspired by the sonic clarity and detail of legendary electrostatic speakers, Essence is proud to introduce the patented “Self-Powered” Mitchell & Johnson Hybrid Electrostatic Model JP1 Headphone. Featuring a patented Nano-Particle infused diaphragm that can hold an electrical charge forever, Mitchell & Johnson electrostatic headphones, unlike all others, require no DC bias power supply, they are first of their kind in this price range.

JP1 DJ headphone

  • Over-ear design
  • Real cherry wood enclosure
  • Detachable Cable included
  • High quality woven cloth Y cable with 3.5mm plug for portable player
  • Tuned for DJ and live use
  • Swiveling Earcup
  • High SPL for loud environments


  • Frequency Response: 6 to 50,000Hz
  • Sound Pressure level: 120dB
  • Acoustic System: Closed back
  • Total harmonic Distortion: <=0.1%
  • Includes protective carry case and ¼” to 3.5mm adaptor
  • Retail price: $599.99

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Mitchell & Johnson UK Re-Invent The Electrostatic Headphone; No DC Bias Amp Required! Finally. This is the Breakthrough We’ve Been Waiting For.

2-way Hybrid Electrostatic Design

Most headphones on the market today fall into one of several categories, either an Electro-dynamic, Planar Ribbon, or Electrostatic (ESL). Since the electro-dynamic speakers were first developed, they’ve dominated the market. However, knowledgeable audiophiles consider ESLs to be the Ferrari of all speaker types, with the highest quality of sound. The trick is getting them to operate over a full bandwidth, still produce great bass, and not cost an arm and a leg.  To do that required inventing a new diaphragm material that allows for the elimination of the DC Bias Charger / Amp that all electrostatic headphones still require to this day, requiring them to be plugged into an AC wall socket, making them all un-portable.

Except Mitchell & Johnson JP1. They’re less expensive because their diaphragm is permanently charged with nano-particles so no DC Bias Charger / Amp is required. That cuts the price in half or more. “Hybridding” does the rest by combining the best 40mm dynamic woofer set in an acoustically ideal sealed wood chamber for deep, articulate bass, crossing over to the electrostatic diaphragm at about 200 Hz to deliver a perfect blend of both technologies. The result is the finest headphone I’ve heard yet, with clarity and resolution equal to the best Hi Res Audio content.  

Why professionals like electrostatic speakers

The extremely thin diaphragm of ESLs has a much lower mass than most other drivers and therefore conducts to velocity of dynamic response, meaning they’re faster because they’re lighter. They have no overhang, meaning they dont store energy.  ESLs have the absolute advantage on frequency response, both amplitude and phase, and musical transparency when compared to electro-dynamic and planar ribbon drivers. Note the specialized mounting angle of the drivers, they’re cleverly aimed into your ear canal to eliminate HRTF, Head Related Transfer Function. Wow. That’s a nice touch, none of the others thought about that.

The diagram below depicts how an electro-dynamic speaker makes sound vs the self-biased Mitchell & Johnson electrostatic diaphragm. Below that, I’ve put together a comparison chart of all the electrostatic headphones on the market with their specs and prices as published on their websites. As you will see, there is no comparison really, the Mitchell & Johnson’s JP1 excel in every parameter and sell for an incredible $599.


verisonix film cut away

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 10 x 6 in


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