AIRPULSE Model One Speaker Stands / pr.

$ 199.00

Styled to match the AIRPULSE™ Model One Speakers, the Model One Speaker Stand provides a safe, solid, stable foundation at the ideal height.  The Hardwood Cherry veneer finish matches the speakers and the front edge color matches the speaker baffle surface for a truly integrated appearance.

The Model One Speaker can be bolted to the top plate, holes are pre-drilled and mounting hardware included.  Round rubber feet de-couple the stand from floor vibrations.  The option to add sand or lead shot for ballast is there should you wish to take it to the limit.  

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To get the best performance from your AIRPULSE™ Active Speaker System, it’s important they be mounted at the right height relative to a typical sitting / listening position with them toe’d in and aimed straight at your “sweet-spot” listening position. Equal arrival time from each channel at your listening position is a essential requirement for realistic, transparent stereo imaging.  When done right, the speakers disappear and the musicians are spread out in front of you over a panorama, with precise placement of each voice and instrument. 

The cherrywood stands match the speakers, a seamless integration that increases the aesthetic appeal with high end sensibility.

All Solid Wood Structure projects stability

The Model One Speaker Stands are made with 100% natural MDF material. Thickness of the bottom plate 1″ (25mm) and the top plate is 3/4″(18mm). They weigh 33 lbs (15 Kg) so they are heavy and steady. The Model One Stand is 25.6″ tall (650mm) 

Optional Sand filling feature increases the mass for added rigidity.

Dome shaped rubber feet eliminate vibration, de-coupling the baseplate from the floor.