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Essence Welcomes Balanced Power by Equi=Tech

Equi=Tech invented the Balanced Power standard in the early 90’s to eliminate ground noise, hum, and the distortion kicked back on the AC line by switching power supplies in our systems as well as our computers.  Dirty power upstream means dirty audio and video downstream.  

With a new and proprietary way of delivering power to high performance audio and video components in the studio and at home, Equi=Tech is unique among all the conventional power conditioners on the market. The Q Series (shown in pic) is their flagship line starting at $3750 for the Model 1Q, with the next generation R Series starting at $1750 for the Model 1R, bringing the cost of entry down to half the price of the flagship models. It’s the result of many years of experience and application research in the field of balanced AC power, based on the science of Common Mode Rejection. 

In much the same way that balanced audio lines can eliminate hum, electromagnetic interference (EMI), and noise, the use of balanced AC power lines in sensitive audio, video, or computer installations can make an enormous difference in system noise and signal integrity. But power distribution in North America, unfortunately, is not balanced. The distribution standards currently in use were derived from practices established over a century ago, when electric power use was limited to lighting and motors —long before any AC noise sensitive applications existed. The emphasis then was on convenience (from the power utilities — standpoint) and safety, but not noise cancellation

It’s a rather simple concept; in your home the AC wall socket that you normally use has three conductors: hot, neutral, and ground. Normally, if you measure the hot to ground you should get 120 volts, and if you measure the neutral to ground you should get 0 volts, but more often than you would imagine this is not what happens, i.e., hot vs. ground might be far less than 120 volts, and neutral vs. ground might be far more than 2 or 3 volts. These offsets produce common mode AC line noise that becomes audible in your audio system.

In a balanced AC circuit, hot vs. ground, and neutral vs. ground will both read 60 volts. In other words, the hot and neutral conductors are both at 60 volts.  These voltages are phase inverted,  given that most interference in a typical AC line is common between the two lines, the noise in the lines is eliminated when the two lines are added together. This is effectively known as Common Mode Rejection (CMR).

Every component specified in its design has been selected from years of research and testing in professional and consumer high definition A/V systems in both analog and digital formats. Equi=Tech is the clear choice of professionals around the world.

Today Balanced Power is used in almost every high-end professional recording and production facility in the USA. Let’s be frank about this. It’s not a small difference in sound or in video quality that we’re talking about here, but rather something on the order of astonishing.  Professional engineers who use balanced power routinely report an increase in dynamic range and lowering the noise floor in their systems of between 16dB to 20dB. This is huge. What this means is that very subtle details that were once lost now appear in the music and in the video image that were once imperceptible.  Performances are closer to live than ever before. Reducing background noise adds to the clarity and resolution of both audio and video.



Balanced Power For Commercial & Industrial Applications

Award winning Equi=Tech Wall Cabinet Systems are factory pre-assembled power distribution centers for hard wiring balanced AC power into a facility – a complete balanced power distribution system built into a wall cabinet.  Only minimal installation is required eliminating many expensive hours of labor and hard to find electrical parts.  All the necessary components such as transformer, breakers, GFCIs, surge protectors and line filters are factory assembled using the highest quality materials and components.

Wall systems are designed to blanket an entire facility with clean and phase coherent balanced AC power that remains stable regardless of how they are loaded down.  5, 7.5, 10, 15 and 20 kVA sizes provide 50, 75, 100, 150 or 200 amps respectively – ideal capacities for most studios and modestly sized theaters or auditoriums.  These systems utilize the same precision toroid isolation transformers as Equi=Tech rack systems but they are much larger with a greater capacity.  Wall systems are the easiest way to provide clean power for a larger facility, doing so with the assurance that the system will remain quiet regardless of what equipment is used or added to it at any time.

Equi=Tech is the best power quality management product on the market today. It outperforms every other brand of conventional power conditioner, regardless of cost.  What size Equi=Tech model is right for you?  Get A Free Power Audit to determine how much power your system consumes first, then I can recommend the right model for your application.

If I’m going to be active in the power quality management category, I have to sell the best.  Equi=Tech is the best.

Bob Rapoport

Award-winning sales and marketing exec, consultant and product launch specialist to manufacturers of high performance audio / video products for consumer and professional applications. Holder of 2 patents for analog matrix surround decoding, winner of 12 CES Innovations Design & Engineering awards, recognized in the Who's Who of American Inventors, and the leading advocate for adoption of the Blu-ray audio standard for music and movies; currently the CEO of Essence For Hi Res Audio manufacturing the HDACC Upsampling 24/192K DAC Preamp, DPA-440 Class D Power Amp, and online marketer in the USA for Acoustic Energy, Ceratec, Core Power Technologies, REVO, Verisonix Headphones, and ARCHT One.

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