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Essence Debuts New effeqt series by Ceratec in USA

Press Release August 6, 2015 Contact: Bob Rapoport, 727-580-4393

Effeqt mk III

Stylish Yet Affordable German-made “effeqt series” WallSpeakers Look As Good As They Sound  St.Petersburg, FL, August 6, 2015…….In a marketplace full of conventional box speakers that take up too much space and don’t appeal to women, you would think there would be more alternatives. It turns out that only a small number of effeqt-maxi-w-wallspeaker (1)vendors offer speakers with truly beautiful industrial designs meant for either floor or wall mounting. Ceratec of Germany is one of them and Bob Rapoport’s Essence has just become the exclusive No. American dealer for their aesthetically striking “effeqt” series. When combined with a flat panel HDTV or a projection screen, these slim new anodized aluminum enclosures fit a specialized niche when space is a factor. Each model has an integrated wall-mount adapter that enables rotation of the speaker up to 30 degrees in each direction from its on-axis point. Toe’ing in for optimal stereo imaging is made simple by this exclusive feature.

No Floor Space Required

The top of the line effeqt maxi w wallspeaker is 47″ tall, 5″ wide, and 6″ deep.  It’s available in standard finish silver anodized aluminum at $1599 a pair including free shipping from Germany. They can also be ordered in anodized black or white for a small upcharge. The Maxi W features dual 4.2″ Peerless drivers combined with a 1.2″ silk dome tweeter by Wavecor in a ported 4 ohm bass reflex 2.5 way design.  With a frequency range of 40 Hz to 25 KHz and 84 dB sensitivity, it can handle amplifiers up to 150 watts per channel to reach high SPL on the latest hi res audio content.

effeqt-w-wallspeaker (1)Next in line is the effeqt w wallspeaker at 27″ tall, 5″ wide, and 6″ deep.  Its available in the standard finish silver anodized aluminum at $649.95 each including free shipping from Germany, also available in anodized black or white for a nominal upcharge. It uses the same drivers as the maxi w in a D’Apolito array, also a 2.5 way bass reflex design.  I decided to offer this model in single units so it can be used not only for main channels but also for center and rear channels in multi-channel surround systems. The w is rated at 4 ohms with 84 dB sensitivity and a frequency range of 40 Hz to 25 KHz.  One hallmark of these designs is no defraction as a result of their baffle-free slimness.

Notable for its feminine appeal and high WAF, the effeqt models feature an integrated wall mount bracket which supports both vertical and horizontal mounting plus recessed speaker terminals. The baffle is made of 1/2″ MDF to decouple the speakers from the aluminum enclosure so there is no ringing or vibration and is also coated with 1/4″ of acoustic foam to damp out any baffle coloration.  Attention to detail is a hallmark of many German made products and the effeqt series by Ceratec is no exception.

An ideal bookshelf or satellite speaker, the w mini wallspeaker sells for $899.95 a pair including free shipping.  At 10.2″ tall, 5″ effeqt-mini-w-wallspeakerwide, and 6″ deep it is also available in black or white anodized finish for a nominal upcharge.  Using the same 4.2″ mid-bass driver and 1.2″ silk dome tweeter, the w mini frequency range is 80 Hz to 25KHz, an 8 ohm design with 82 dB sensitivity.  This model will benefit from the use of a powered subwoofer for the bottom two octaves of bass, especially on movie soundtracks as well as music with deep bass.  However, in small listening rooms, its bookshelf size will still provide a satisfying listening experience even without a sub.

The entry level w micro wallspeaker sells for $599.95 a pair.  It’s 5.1″ tall, 5″ wide, and 6″ deep and like the others effeqt-micro-w-wallspeaker (3)can be ordered in standard silver anodized or for a nominal upcharge in black or white anodized.  This model uses the 4.1″ full range driver to good effect, creating an ideal point source for a big stereo image.  Frequency bandwidth is spec’d at 100 Hz to 25 KHz with 82 dB sensitivity and a max power rating of 50 watts.  For rear channel use by themselves or as the satellites in a sat/sub system, the w micro is our smallest model but by no means is it short on performance, especially when compared to conventional box or globe type sats.  Cheap plastic satellites abound in the market, most made in China.  If you believe in quality, craftsmanship, and sonic bliss, the w micro delivers more than the competition at around the same price.

Floor-Standers are Statuesque, Slender Works of Art 

The Ceratec effeqt series is not only meant for wall mounting, they make a very nice floor-standing effeqt_veto_blackmodel too. The effeqt mk III tower is simply breathtaking on its integrated glass and steel spiked pedestal. Priced at $1499.95 a pair including free shipping, this 48″ tower is noticeably more stylish and sexy than the vast majority of big box speakers, sure to be viewed by most people as not just a speaker but also a work of art.  The industrial design is outstanding from head to toe and available in standard silver anodized with black and white anodized options  If you want to make a design statement with your decor but still enjoy audiophile standards of audio reproduction, the effeqt mk III is a remarkable value in its class.  It shares the same drivers and specs as the effeqt maxi w and retains the same swivel feature so they can be aimed directly at the sweet-spot while being placed symmetrically within the listening room.  I dont know of any other speaker in this price range that can beat it on style, its got that jaw-dropping appeal found in products costing many times more. The equivalent Canton models sell for 3 times the price.  

Last but not least comes the effeqt cs center channel with integrated base priced at $749.95 each.  This is a dedicated effeqt-cs-centrespeakercenter channel at 27″ wide, 5″ wide, and 6″ deep, the same 2.5 way bass reflex system as found on the effeqt w in a D’Apolito array. It shares the same specs as the w too.  When it comes to surround sound, the importance of a center channel is profound, they’re designed to improve dialog intelligibility and improve the localization of on-screen voices and special effects.The effeqt cs does this job with very high clarity and resolution, the swivel feature allows it to be aimed at your ears instead of your knees or below your ear level in a seated position. It may seem like a small thing but in fact it’s the most important thing of all, correct alignment for proper localization. Like the rest of the effeqt series, the cs is also available in standard finish anodized silver, with black and white anodized options for your specific decor.

Nice touches in the floors-standing effeqt mk III include its beautiful base and hidden speaker terminals underneath. effeqt-speaker (5) If you’re tired of the boxy look of your speaker system and want something stylish that says more about your values and design consciousness, give the effeqt series your thoughtful consideration.  Your speakers are really symbolic of your status in life and what matters to you, let the effeqt series do the talking for you.

All models are shipping now. Call Bob Rapoport at 727-580-4393 or send him an email at for more information



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